Learning Plan II

After finishing the second part of my learning plan, I have some thoughts that I would like to reflect upon. Overall, the learning plan writing assignment was an excellent tool for self-evaluation and movement towards goal achievement. At times I find it hard to evaluate myself, yet this paper put everything into prospective for me. Activities such as Catch Your Dreams are great for identifying your goals; however, after the activity, a lot is forgotten. The paper helped to cement the ideas that we went over during that class activity and pushed me towards the first and hardest part of goal achievement. The learning plan part 2 allowed me to identify my most important goals and set a pathway towards them. Due to problems with procrastination, this part is always the hardest for me to achieve, yet this paper pushed me to complete this stage of goal achievement. I now feel more confident about completing the goals I have set forth, and I look forward to the ways that I will change as a person.


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