That 70's Show

I saw an episode of That 70's Show last night and it cracked me up. The plot with Kitty and Red was that Red spent a lot of money on this new thing called a VCR. He was so excited to show Kitty and she was very sxeptical about the entire idea. She didn't understand why in the world someone would tape something that they could just watch on television. Their plans had been to watch Roots at 6:00, but Red insisted that they tape it and watch it later. Kitty was so upset because all she wanted to do was watch Roots when it was being aired.

It was hilarious and it made me think about how we are very skeptical of new technology at first and as we see the benfits or cons of it, we make a decision of whether or not to use it in our daily lives. In the show, the new technology hindered Kitty's night and therefore she became very agitated and upset.

This was a random post, but it was hilarious so I thought that I would pass it on.


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Posted by: Janice
Posted on: December 3, 2005 01:27 AM

doesn't this remind you of schneiderman's argument that technology should not be created for the sake of technology itself? Red wanted to use the VCR simply because it was there, not because it was needed! ha.

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