State CC Meet

This Saturday I went to the state cross country meet held in Clumbus, Ohio at Scioto Downs. My sister's team made the meet and they were so excited to participate in the meet. Her team has 3 freshmen, 1 sophomore, and one junior. Her team was by far the youngest team there and they ended up getting 12th out of 16 teams. Not great, but then again no one expected them to make it to state. I surprised her by going and she loved my t-shirt that I made. It said, "I am missing the Irish game to watch my sister run!" Everyone at the meet seemed to like it as well.

Anyway, after the race my family and I went to her team's tent to see her. She was taking off her running shoes when I noticed these little black clips on her shoe laces. I asked her what those were. She told me that they were called "chips". What? I asked what is a chip. She told me that instead of tearing off numbers as runners crossed the finish line, the chips told their official place. As a runner crosses the line, the chips (conating the runner's name, school, number, etc) are read by a computer. This helps to keep every runner in order and to get official results. It helps when there are close finishes at the line. No longer does a judge have to make the decision, the chip will whow who crosses the finish line first.

I thought about the chips on my drive back to Case and I knew that I had to write about it. It absolutley amazed me that such a device would be used in cross country. I got me to thinking about other sports. Perhaps a micro-chip could be placed in a football and when the football crosses the first down marker a light goes off. This could help the officials as to cut down on time for official measurements. The same could be true in soccer as the ball crosses the goal line. I don't know if such things have been debated, but if technology such as these chips are being used in highschool sports, then you would think that something of the sort would lie in the near future. What do you think?


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Posted by: Janice
Posted on: December 3, 2005 01:24 AM

ha, can you imagine though? it takes the drama out of bad plays! can you imagine having no ref to get mad at when a bad call is made against your team? you would have to blame technology...
and couldn't that be tampered with? i remember some movie in which there was a remote controlled golfball or something..spooky.

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