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Chapters 1-5 of Smart Mobs were very interesting as they were primarily concerned with the social elements of mobile technology. When the author said that presence no longer means being physically in the location, but rather being able to communicate has now taken over as being present. I have always been a person that is punctual and one that does not like to be late. I am organized and like to have things go a certain way and in a particular order.

What the author said is eaxctly true however. People think that it is okay to be late for a meeting or event because they have a cell phone and can communicate with someone about how long it will be before they are there. I know that it sounds weird, but I find it very rude when people show up late. Just because you call does not mean that you are present. I wish there were a way to reverse the trend that has ocurred due to the availability of mobile technology.

Going along with the social implications of cell phones, the author said that when people talk on a cell phone they are in two distinct separate spaces. This may seem very trivial, but when you stop and think about it this is very different from what our grandparents had ever known. A person can be making an impact in their current physical space and also be playing a role in a situation in which eh is communicating but not necessarilly physically present. The telephone does exactly this, but the mobile phone allows people to have their presence known in two spaces continually with very few limitations.

Its very interesting to step back and think about the social implications of mobile technologies on our lives as well as the people around us. As we continue on into the future it will be very exciting to see what types of mobile technology will evolve that will allow us to be perhaps in three or four different spaces all at one time. So, I pose this question to everyone. Do you think this will happen and if so, when?


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i would say i partially agree and partially disagree. it is definitely true that calling to tell someone that you will be late doesn't make you on time, on the other hand it is nice to inform someone that you will be coming so they woner whether or not you will show up at all. as far as your question is concered i would say we will see that type of technology very soon. we already see the beginnings of it in weblogs and instant messager. people can make several blogs on different sites at the same time or talk to a few people on aim at the same time so in essense be in tow places at the same time.

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