As I read chapter 5 in Smart Mobs, the author talks about the blogging phenomena. He talks about the idea that people can express themselves better because their true feelings are not censored or condemned.

My blogging is somewhat limited, but I try to do more and more as the years go by. I really enjoy blogging on political sites where I can get my opinions out to those who care to read them. I feel that blogging helps me to express myself and I do feel like I am contributing to the betterment of our democracy through my participation.

As I have thought about blogging, I have pretty much only thought about people uninvolved in politics taking part in the blogging. Today I got an email saying that Ted Strickland (my friend/Congressman running for Ohio governor) is meeting with a group of political bloggers today in Cleveland. His goal is to get his message out directly to the people who run blogs so that his message does not get skewed through the blog. Also, if those running the blog are impressed with him there is a probability that they will start blogs about the candidate. This is exactly what candidates want and need. They need their names to get out to the public. Kind of like I am doing now.

Well, as I hope to be involved in politics for the rest of my life it will be very interesting to see the evolution of blogs and the role that they will play with respect to elections and candidate image. As we all know image os everything in a candidate and blogs with positive images help and even those that are negative get the candidate's name out. As the governor's election approaches, I hope to be more actively involved in getting out the message of my candidate for governor through the use of the internet and political blogs.

So, Blog away everyone and change the world one word at a time!!


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i have mixed feelings about blogging actually..last year i started a blog because my boyfriend and sister did,, and i wrote in it but i think those are the only two people that ever read it.. so basically i gave up and i probly wouldnt blog now except for the sages blog that i made to do.. some of my friends blogs can be very humorous however and i read them frequently..


Posted by: Maria Yelich
Posted on: December 4, 2005 03:56 PM

I wonder how many voters look at political blogs. And more importantly, I wonder if they look at the blogs of the candidates they were not thinking of voting for, simply to educate themselves on this candidate's views, plans, etc. or if they see that as too much of a hassle and only expose themselves to tv commercials and any ads in the newpaper.

To be honest I really don't like blogging all that much. I find that I much rather talk to people face to face than write about it online to an unknown group of people, who could be anyone, it's much to personal and yet impersonal at the same time.

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