December 09, 2005

Looking Back on MGMT 250

I want to take this time to look back on the many things that we did in the MGMT 250 class. First, I really enjoyed how the career center was encorporated into the class. One thing that I heard from many older business students is that the career center did not help and sometimes ignored them. I hope that the career center continues to work with the management classes, and I hope to see more of them in MGMT 251. I also enjoyed the mock interview and the career fair. I thought these two were the most helpful events that the course included. However, many people did not choose the interview option while others ignored the fair. I think the importance of these items need to be stressed much more in future years. These are things where students can get first-hand experience, and it does not matter if a student screws up because there is always the next year. Hopefully students will have a much better understanding of how important these resources are in their junior year and better prepare themselves. One part of the class that did not help was the readings. Students were ask to spend a couple hundred dollars on books that we never used. We started using the xanedu, but it became mentioned less and less as the semester went came to an end. I hate buying books that are not encorporated into the class. I hope there are more interesting readings in the new book that must be purchased for 251. That sums up most of my thoughts. I expressed my thoughts about the learning plan in my previous entry. Overall, I did enjoy the class and its professors. I know there were some changes in the course this semester, and I am sure that the staff will be more organized the next time around. Thank you Prof. Powley and Piderit for a fun semester.

The Learning Plan: My Final Entry

The last day of class when each person had to tell what they liked the most of the class, many to my surprise said the Learning Plan. I could not believe what I was hearing. I am going to have to agree with my buddy Marc (as we tend to agree a lot), and state that I hated this learning plan. The one part that I can see as useful is the goal setting, but everything else was pointless. How does writing down my values, attributes, and learning styles, then getting criticized on my paper of "who I am" help (It is my life; how does the TA know what is right and wrong in my life!!). I feel this is the most stupid exercise ever. It was a complete waste of time. All we did was repeat over and over again the results of the different tests and exercises we completed. Those exercises were interesting, but this was just too much. The one bright point was like I mentioned, the personal goal setting. This aspect is very useful because to many people who are clueless to the world, it made them actually do some research and get concrete items towards their future. I think that future MGMT 250 classes final paper should take the goals concept and branch on that concept.

December 07, 2005

Firing Employees

Last class we talked a lot about firing employees. We used the Tom Mendola case as an example. The class was split into two groups, and each was given a side to take as whether to fire Tom or not. You can tell that most of the class wanted the side of firing him because the case seemed pretty obvious. The side that defended Tom did a good job though and brought up many good points, however, he should still be fired no matter what. As long as all of the warnings, tardies, and other mishaps were documented, there should be no problem with it. I know that most people saw why he should be fired, but people need to remember that it can be very hard to fire someone. Before you fire someone, you need to plan out what you are going to say and do. We did talk about this at the end of class which I thought was good because that is the hardest part. Firing someone is not that simple. Sometimes, you can plan everything out perfectly, but when it comes down to it, sometimes people just can't fire other people. And that is something you cannot teach.

December 05, 2005

HR Simulation: The Final Meeting

My simulation team met earlier this week for the last time. We completed the last budget then began to split up the final report. I am fairly pleased with the way our group was able to handle the budget and the incidents. There were never any huge conflicts within the team which allowed most meetings to run smoothly. I feel that we did the best we could with the budgets for the entire simulation. The hardest part was to think the way the computer would think, and not so much realistically. That was the one fault of this simulation. Most decisions were not cumulative and only affected the company shortly after. There were not many long term decisions. When an incident was being discussed, we would find ourselves thinking, "Well in a year or two, this will be a great asset," but the simulation could not account for that. The simulation was a good way to get experience working with a budget and solving problems, but the best way to learn these things is to get first-hand experience.

December 04, 2005

Performance Appraisals

We spent a good amount of time discussing different types of appraisal forms. There are many different ways these can be done. They may not seem like an important issue, but in reality they are used everywhere, whether it is a teacher appraising a student, a student evaluating a professor, or the most important, appraisal systems for the work place.....

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November 06, 2005

HR Evaluations

I am not exactly sure how this is working, but to my understanding our HR peer evaluations are going to be available for each teammate to read. The book says that we need to fill out our evaluations and then hand them into our team leaders so he/she can give back advice. This seems like the dumbest idea in the world. I feel that these evaluation need to be anonymous...

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The Class does not understand Ethics

We talked about ethics in class this past week. Ethics are one of the hardest concepts to understand completely. It was even hard in class to determine whether a certain action is ethical or not. However, I do not think our class had any idea about ethics when we took that quiz in class...

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