April 22, 2014

ILL Books No Longer Needed?

Here are some hints on what to do (and what to expect) when you no longer require the use of a book (or other returnable materials) obtained through your ILLiad account...

For books that you have not yet picked up --

* When these begin approaching their due date, we customarily send out courtesy reminder messages beginning about a week in advance. We ask that you please respond by e-mail (preferably in reply to the message received) or by phone, if they are no longer needed.

* If these are not picked up by the due date, they will be removed from the secured hold shelf at the KSL Service Center and returned to the lender library without further notice.

* This policy will apply to any such loaned items, including library-use restricted materials that are still waiting to be signed out by the user requesting them.

For LIBRARY USE ONLY items that have already been signed out, but are still being held at the KSL Service Center--

* Automatic notices indicating that the items will be due soon, or have already become overdue, will be sent out (as with any other items lent through ILL). We ask that you please also reply to the e-mail message or by phone if these are no longer needed.

* Restricted-use ILL materials still being held at the KSL Service Center will normally be removed from the secured hold shelf area once they have become overdue, regardless of whether you have signed them out already or not.

* Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to make clear to KSL Service Center staff that you either need to keep these restricted materials held for future usage periods, or that they can be returned immediately, whenever you turn them back in to the desk. We also suggest that you hand them back directly to a staff member rather than depositing them in the indoor book drop, to avoid any confusion.

Thanks for your cooperation. As always, we hope this information will be of help. Please feel free to contact ILL staff, by phone at (216) 368-3463 or (216) 368-3517, or by e-mail at smithill@case.edu.

March 19, 2014

A Few Words About Picking up Your ILLiad Loans

Just some reminders when you come to pick up loaned materials borrowed through ILLiad...

* You will normally receive a notice by e-mail informing you that there is something being held for you to pick up at the library. The message will include the title, due date, any restrictions, and any authorized users you have named in your account at the time your requested item was received at our location. Remote enrollees of distance education programs and eligible faculty opting for campus delivery will receive a variant message, and will not need to pick-up their circulable ILL items (which also become automatically checked out in the ILLiad system).

* We recommend that you come in to sign out the material within 10 days of the date you received the notification, but we will still hold the item up until the due date assigned by the lender library. You may still have the opportunity to extend your loan period by requesting a renewal (after you have actually checked the item out).

* We prefer that you please ask attending staff at the Kelvin Smith Library Service Center Desk to retrieve your items, as they are held in a secured shelving area which is kept locked after the library's regular business hours. It is not considered self-service, unlike the open shelves that house KSL and OhioLINK items.

* You (or your authorized user) will be presented with a check-out slip, which you must sign and date, and return to the desk staff member. A valid CWRU ID card (or any valid photo ID, if an authorized user not affiliated with the university) will also be required, and the staff member will then be able to check out your material in real time through the ILLiad circulation system.

* ILLiad loans CANNOT BE CHECKED OUT through the self-serve kiosk, unlike Kelvin Smith Library loans and most OhioLINK loans. ILLiad is an external, self-contained system which is essentially independent of the library's catalog and circulation system. This is the reason you must sign them out directly at the Service Center with the assistance of desk staff, and why we discourage self-retrieval from the ILL shelf area.

* Items with a "Library Use Only" restriction must be checked out as with all ILL materials, for as long as they are to be in use. You may take them from the Service Center area for use within the Kelvin Smith Library building, but must also return them there after each individual usage period. A record of uses will be kept by our staff, and the items will be kept in the secured area during times of non-use. Upon your final instance of use, we recommend that you indicate definitively to attending staff that the materials are to be returned to the lending library. If you do not make this clear, they may remain on the shelf (still checked out on your account) until they become due, and you will begin receiving automated notices. At this point you have another opportunity to confirm that they are no longer needed, by contacting ILL staff by phone or e-mail (conveniently in reply to the sent messages).

* During periods of extreme high-volume public service, KSL Service Center desk staff may (upon rare occasions) direct you to the ILL shelving area to retrieve your own items. Please note that due to frequently varying material types and item sizes of loaned items, it may be difficult to properly locate them within this confined space -- e.g., some items are packed tightly together and may not be readily identified as to requesting patron name, some may become lost in the back of the shelves due to regular shifting, while others may be relegated to a special storage location (as with microfilm reels). This would normally be avoided through assistance from a staff member, and in any case you would still need to sign out the slips and have the items checked out at the desk.

We hope this information is helpful. Please feel free to contact ILL staff, by phone at (216) 368-3463 or (216) 368-3517, or by e-mail at smithill@case.edu.

February 20, 2014

Memory Cues for KSL ILL Staff Contacts

What with February being the shortest month (and possibly one of the busiest), I thought I'd make this latest posting short and sweet.

To contact us by e-mail, please address your message to smithill@case.edu.

A good way to remember this is to start with...
"smith" as in Kelvin Smith Library (the main library service point of Case Western Reserve University)...
with no period, followed by...
"ill" for interlibrary loan (the most common acronym for this service in the English-speaking world),
and of course ending with...

The primary phone contact number for ILL services is...
(216) 368-2462...
which also happens to be...
(216) 368-FIND.

The secondary phone contact number for our ILL staff is...
(216) 368-3517,
but I can't think of any other good way to remember this, since it contains a '1' (which has no alphabetic telephone equivalent).

So there you have it.

Well, not exactly -- I couldn't stop there, so here are the e-mail and phone ILL contacts for the other three library systems on campus, just FYI...

Cleveland Health Sciences Library:
(216) 368-6420

MSASS, Harris Library:
(216) 368-2155

School of Law, Green Library:
(216) 368-8510 & (216) 368-8862

Hope this helps, so keep in touch with your respective ILL service point staff representatives, whenever you need us.

January 23, 2014

New Feature--ILL Staff Can Log into ILLiad as Patron, and an Update on Requesting Renewals

ILL staff now have the capability to log into your account from our own workstations, as one of the recent enhancements to the ILLiad administrator client. This will now enable us to view your main page, ILL transactions (at all stages), electronically delivered articles, and e-mail notifications, from the patron point-of-view. We will also be able to submit and edit requests, place renewal requests, and update personal information whenever you have trouble doing these yourself, or whenever you wish to demonstrate any concerns about ILLiad's functionality.

This will improve our ability to assist you with resolving technical problems and issues with ILLiad, but there are still a few things to keep in mind --

First, we will be accessing your account from the perspective of our own personal workstation platforms and local browser configurations, so we will not experience the same repercussions involving session ID cookie settings which you might. Our view will be from the direct server login site, and will not include the KSL frame with banner and additional side scroll-bar seen when accessing from the library's site menu.

Secondly, we will not be able to log in if you already have an active session open at the same time. We may need to ask you to log out, or terminate your session from the staff-end client with your approval.

Finally, although we can update your personal information, we will not be able to change your password from viewing your account, as this would require us to use your current (confidential and encrypted) password. In lieu of this, we can assign you a new default value (usually 'ill') from the staff-end client, which you can later change to a more secure character string at a future time.

And now a few comments on the topic of requesting renewals through your ILLiad account...

* When you receive a reminder notice that one of your ILL items is coming due in the next few days, you are provided with instructions as to how to request an extension on your loan period.

* Once you have accessed the transaction record, you will normally see the 'Renew Request' link at the top of the page.

* If your loan has been marked with a 'NO RENEWALS' restriction (which should be plainly printed on the cover label and indicated within the transaction information details), this option will NOT appear. This means that the lender institution library has specified in advance that the loan does not allow renewals, as a matter of policy, but it may also occur if you have already submitted a renewal request previously.

* If you have not actually signed out your loaned item yet, the transaction may currently have a status of 'Customer Notified via E-Mail' or some other inapplicable status. You will not have the option to request a renewal under these circumstances, either. If you somehow already have the book in your possession, you will need to contact ILL staff to correct the status to 'Checked Out to Customer'. If you have not actually picked up the item, you will need to come to the Kelvin Smith Library Service Center to do so before you may submit the renewal request.

A more detailed explanation is available in our Customer Help page, at the following link: Renewal Requests

You may contact ILL staff for personal assistance, by phone at (216) 368-3463 or (216) 368-3517, or by e-mail at smithill@case.edu.

December 17, 2013

Some Timely End-of-Year Odds and Ends

Here are a few ILL-related issues that have come up recently...

* OCLC WorldCat numbers -- When providing these in your request after searching this database, please enter only one accession number in the 'OCLC Number' field, and try to suggest the record containing largest number of holdings locations. You may also indicate additional record numbers for the same materials in the 'Notes' field, if you wish.

* Picking up ILL books from Kelvin Smith Library Service Center -- Always ask attending staff to retrieve available items for you. The ILL hold shelf is not self-serve (unlike the OhioLINK book shelf), and is also kept securely locked during hours when the Service Center is not staffed.

* Theses and dissertations through ILL -- Most of these are supplied in print version, often with renewal or library use restrictions imposed by the lender library. We cannot guarantee that they can or will be supplied as a digital reproduction, even if so requested. Also, ILL cannot be expected to make purchases from UMI ProQuest in order to obtain any thesis title. If purchasing is the only remaining option, the patron must either choose to make the purchase for a personal copy directly, at UMI Dissertation Express, or suggest a purchase for the library's own collection, using the Purchase Request form.

* New Overdue Notice on ILLiad loans -- As promised in my blog entry for June 18, 2013, you will now be sent an additional automated notification whenever you have any returnable ILL items 7 days past their due date. Just another enhancement in our services to help you remember to return your loaned materials.

Thanks for keeping these tips in mind when using your interlibrary loan services.

November 18, 2013

ILLiad Help Pages May Have the Answer

Just a reminder that these pages are always available for reference, when you can't get in touch with interlibrary loan staff in person. These are also linked to our main logon page, in your session main menu list, and on the various request forms and service pages. They are indexed according to topic, for quick reference.

FAQ -- A quick overview about setting up your ILLiad account, beginning your use of the service, and some answers to other common questions.
Customer Help -- A more detailed guide on using ILLiad, addressing a large number of specific concerns and troubleshooting tips.
Electronic Delivery Information -- An introductory overview of the features of ILLiad's electronic delivery function.

As always, feel free to contact ILL staff for personal assistance, by phone at (216) 368-3463 or (216) 368-3517, or by e-mail at smithill@case.edu.

October 24, 2013

A Few General ILL Comments Worth Repeating

Creating new ILLiad accounts, loan issues, ILL privilege concerns...

* For your Username, you may use your Case network ID, i.e., in "abc123" format -- we recommended this when registering, for the sake of convenience. You can also use the same password string as for Single Sign-in (though not required), but you must remember that whenever you change it in the Case Network, you must change it separately during an ILLiad login session if you want it to match -- this will not occur automatically.

* Your Case Account Number is required when registering, and may be searched at the Case Account Number page. It is not the same number as your Employee ID Number, if you are Faculty, Staff, or Student Staff.

* Students who register, but have not yet declared a major, should select 'UNDECLARED' from the 'Department or Major' list, and change it later to the program in which they have enrolled once this has been determined. Do not use departments such as 'ARTS AND SCIENCES, COLLEGE OF' or 'ENGINEERING, CASE SCHOOL OF', which are intended for administrative staff only.

* Renewals of ILLiad loans may be requested at the Service Center (if the transaction is currently eligible -- i.e., not restricted, not overdue, not more than 5 days earlier than the due date, and not previously renewed). Otherwise, you will need to contact ILL staff for assistance at (216) 368-3463 or (216) 368-3517, or at: smithill@case.edu.

* Return your outstanding ILL loans as soon as you are finished using them, but no later than 14 days past the due date in order to avoid having your ILLiad privileges blocked.

* Having an excess of $15.00 in regular library fines on your circulation account will block you from logging into your ILLiad account. You will see an alert message to this effect when you attempt to enter your Username and password.

Hope this information has answered some of your questions about ILL.