June 12, 2019

Current ILL Service Point Links for CWRU Users

Well, it's time to bring us all up to speed in sync with our new library website rollout, as I have not discussed this issue at length since my blog entry of August 7, 2009. (Feel free to refer back to it -- apologies if some of the links and policy language are a bit out-of-date, while it is still mostly relevant.) We'll just be reviewing the locations of the four main ILL campus library sites specifically intended for CWRU users.

Kelvin Smith Library serves the ILL research needs of faculty, staff and students of the College of Arts & Sciences, the Case School of Engineering, the Weatherhead School of Management and CWRU Central Administrative offices. Our ILL site is located directly at:

(Please note the old location at http://library.case.edu/ksl/ill/ is now defunct.)

It is also linked in the KSL Home Page, by following the menu path: Services/Borrowing/Interlibrary Loan.

If your affiliation with the university is not included within any of the divisions indicated above, then you should be visiting one of the three library systems listed below for your interlibrary loan needs.

Cleveland Health Sciences Library serves the ILL research needs of faculty, staff and students of the School of Medicine, the School of Nursing, the School of Dental Medicine and any other health-science-related interdisciplinary programs. Their ILL site is located at:


The Law School Library serves the ILL research needs of faculty, staff and students of the School of Law. Their ILL site is located at:


The MSASS Harris Library serves the ILL research needs of faculty, staff and students of the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences. Their ILL site is located at:


Please also note that the KSL ILL logon page includes links to the other three campus library sites, for your convenience. The same links also appear in our "New User Registration" page, at the "Department or Major" entry field. Finally, they are listed on our FAQ page and included in a section of our Customer Help page.

One last thing for CWRU users...

In order for you to set up a new account in any of these ILL sites, you will need to look up your Case Library Account Number. The "lookup page" is now located at http://ul-web1.case.edu/loc/temp.php, and you need to use your CWRU network ID and password to search for it there.

To any external libraries that wish to borrow materials from Kelvin Smith Library's collections but do not use OCLC for interlibrary loan (e.g., law firms, hospitals and small public libraries), please refer to the site located at:

(Please note the old location at http://library.case.edu/ksl/lendingill/ is now defunct.)

It is also linked at the bottom of the main KSL ILL logon page, for your convenience. Please note there is no publicly accessible registration form for setting up an ILL web lending account -- you will need to contact our ILL staff directly in order to begin services. See the link to the "New User Setup Help" page in the main lending logon site, for assistance.

We hope this information will be helpful to all users of ILL at CWRU.

Questions about ILLiad or ILL policies and services? Contact the Kelvin Smith Library ILL staff by phone at 216-368-3463 or 216-368-3517, or by e-mail at smithill@case.edu.

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May 13, 2019

Cumulative Table of Contents for this Blog (to Date, Revised VII)

It's been a long while, and I've run out of original topics for the moment, so I'm putting out another one of these. For the sake of brevity, I'll pick up where I left off since and including the last cumulative index (where you can search earlier entries).

Cumulative Table of Contents for this Blog (to Date, Revised VI) -- August 15, 2017
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First-Year Student Brief ILL Primer -- October 26, 2017
KSL Depository Scan Requests in ILLiad -- November 13, 2017
KSL Holiday Closure & ILL Services -- December 12, 2017

More Comments on KSL Depository Scan Requests -- January 22, 2018
"Not Required" Fields in Request Forms -- They Still Add Value -- February 22, 2018
ILLiad Notifications Gone Missing? -- Where You Might Find Them -- March 20, 2018
International Borrowing Through Interlibrary Loan -- April 23, 2018
Faculty Authorized Users -- Regular Circulation vs. ILLiad -- May 22, 2018
KSL Special User Registration in ILLiad -- Status & Department Selections -- June 13, 2018
Helpful Links Now in Your ILLiad Menu -- July 25, 2018
ILL Reminders Before Classes Begin -- August 20, 2018
Duplicate Accounts & Duplicate Requests -- September 24, 2018
ILLiad Delivered PDF's & Your Browser -- October 24, 2018
A Few Words About Password Complexity & Your ILLiad Account -- November 13, 2018
KSL Holiday Closure & ILL Services II -- December 11, 2018

The Correct Way to Request a Book Using ILLiad -- January 16, 2019
KSL ILLiad Privileges by Status Type -- February 25, 2019
Some Comments on Requesting Book Chapters with ILLiad -- March 20, 2019
Theses and Dissertations in OhioLINK -- April 15, 2019

Not such a bad way to chalk up another academic year, though. As always, hope this will be helpful!

Got questions about ILLiad or ILL policies and services? Please feel free to contact the Kelvin Smith Library ILL staff by phone at 216-368-3463 or 216-368-3517, or by e-mail at smithill@case.edu.

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April 15, 2019

Theses and Dissertations in OhioLINK

When you need to obtain access to a thesis or dissertation from another academic institution, the most conventional recourse is through traditional interlibrary loan services. Normally, this would be accomplished by submitting a request using the "Thesis" request form in your ILLiad account. This is an accepted method in nearly every case, and I have previously covered this general topic in detail in my entry of October 6, 2009. Although this is rather dated, most of what applies to ILL is still pretty valid (i.e, not including comments regarding the retrieval of titles from CWRU or from its predecessor institutions--WRU, CIT, etc.).

One major exception would be for any theses or dissertations done at any of the OhioLINK Member Universities, which would be available for direct borrowing through OhioLINK. Your first step would be to search the title or author in the OhioLINK Catalog. There you can submit your request directly, by clicking on the "Request it" button. You will then be required to select your institution (i.e. "CWRU") and a campus pick-up location, and then enter your network ID and password. Usually within 3 to 7 days, your thesis should arrive at the indicated location, where you can retrieve it and check it out directly on your CWRU library account. Once checked out, you will also have the opportunity to request renewals by logging into your CWRU Library Account.

Please also be aware that OhioLINK theses and dissertations that exist in digitized format are also available for download from the OhioLINK Electronic Theses and Dissertations Center. Many titles from OhioLINK Member institutions are also available for purchase in various formats (including PDF) from UMI ProQuest, although this is not a free service.

Finally, if all else fails you can try using traditional ILL through your ILLiad account for OhioLINK titles--as a last resort. This would be appropriate in cases where all available copies are marked with a status of "LIB USE ONLY" or "NON-CIRC" and no digitized version exists. It may also require special negotiations between KSL interlibrary loan staff and the granting institution library's ILL department, and take additional time to fill.

So, now that you know more about borrowing OhioLINK institution theses and dissertations, we hope we've helped you to make better use of this particular service and that it will more effectively serve your research needs.

Need help with ILL or ILLiad? Contact Kelvin Smith Library ILL by phone at 216-368-3463 or 216-368-3517, or by e-mail at smithill@case.edu.

March 20, 2019

Some Comments on Requesting Book Chapters with ILLiad

Since the issue of how to properly employ the "Book Chapter" form has recently become a bit confusing for some users, this month's blog will attempt to serve as guide for better practices. It is also intended to act as sort of a follow-up to my previous entry of January 16, 2019.

So, exactly what can be problematic when submitting a request for a book chapter? What can make it more onerous for ILL staff at KSL (as well as for the ILL staff at any potential supplier libraries) to efficiently process requests for book chapters? Here is an illustrative accounting of some of the rather challenging scenarios we routinely are confronted with...

* Citing "page numbers" in lieu of an actual chapter title --- Page numbers should be only referenced in the "Inclusive Pages" field, and nowhere else. If you do not know the actual chapter title, simply indicate "unknown" or "n/a" in the "Chapter Title" field. Referencing page numbers that do not define a verifiable book chapter causes confusion and hesitation on the part of a potential lender, who will likely question the citation or simply choose not to fill the request. If you do actually receive an electronically delivered scan of pages cited in this way, they may not have a coherent appearance with a logical beginning and end -- assuming this is what you really wanted in the first place.

* Inexactitude in the citing of pages, as well as requesting exorbitant numbers of pages, may result in a loan of the entire book being substituted for a scan of the cited pages. It is the prerogative of potential lender libraries to do this, if they so choose, and it may not be the result you originally expected. In such a case, ILL staff at KSL will in turn pass the loan along to you as a returnable transaction, and are not required to try providing you the material in the form of a scan -- you will have the opportunity to decide exactly how you wish to scan the pages you require, using equipment available on-site within the library.

* Copyright issues --- Any portion of a book may be restricted by the author and/or publisher, but usually the standard limit is 15% of the total page length of the volume (including the total of pages from multiple requests out of the same book title at a given instance). Requesting all or most of the chapters within a book (simultaneously, or over a span of time) in an attempt to obtain a virtually complete electronic reproduction of the entire item is not acceptable, and we strongly advise against the practice -- this goes for entire journal issues, as well!

* Local availability of books --- You will likely receive cancellation notices when requesting chapters from currently available books held either in KSL or at other CWRU campus library locations (i.e., Cleveland Health Sciences, MSASS or Law). At our discretion, ILL staff may also cancel such a request when the chapter is available for download from an accessible electronic edition in our own E-Book collection. The only exception applies to books and volumes available in the off-site KSL Depository location, as discussed in my previous entries of November 13, 2017 and January 22, 2018.

* Requesting chapters from KSL books, books from other CWRU campus libraries, or from OhioLINK and SearchOhio books which you have currently borrowed and checked out to yourself is to be particularly discouraged. We strongly recommend that you avoid submitting requests for scans from circulating materials that you already have in your possession. Keep in mind that high-quality scanning equipment is available for your judicious use, right here within the Kelvin Smith Library.

These kinds of situations are inclined to cause unfortunate delays in the successful filling of requests for book chapters, in most instances. We hope that taking these examples of possible miscalculation into account will help result in more favorable outcomes, by offering guidance as to what to avoid when submitting book chapter requests.

Kelvin Smith Library ILL staff are available by phone at 216-368-3463 or 216-368-3517 (during regular office hours--Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM), or by e-mail at smithill@case.edu.

February 25, 2019

KSL ILLiad Privileges by Status Type

Since I've never quite addressed the topic from this angle, I figure now is as good a time as any. I had previously spoken to the issue of registration for special user types (along with their appropriate department selections) in my entry for June 13, 2018.

That being said, below is a list of all the possible user status types currently in the KSL ILLiad system, along with the service privileges afforded to them...

* Faculty (including Emeritus Faculty) -- ILL (articles & loans), KSL scan electronic delivery (journals, books), *ILL book campus delivery (designated departments only, with individual faculty sign-up), KSL Depository scan electronic delivery

* Staff (including Visiting Scholars, during sponsorship period) -- ILL (articles & loans), KSL Depository scan electronic delivery

* Graduate (including Post-Doctoral) -- ILL (articles & loans), KSL Depository scan electronic delivery

* Undergraduate -- ILL (articles & loans), KSL Depository scan electronic delivery

* Distance Ed Graduate (DM Program at WSOM only) -- ILL (articles & loans), KSL scan electronic delivery (journals, books), *KSL & ILL book delivery to home or office address (unless campus pick-up preferred), KSL Depository scan electronic delivery

* Alumni Online Library (registered Alumni only) -- KSL scan electronic delivery (journals, books), KSL Depository scan electronic delivery

* Depository Request (all other CWRU members who use ILLiad for ILL at non-KSL libraries) -- KSL Depository scan electronic delivery (only)

*Library patrons (i.e., Faculty & Distance Ed Graduates) who are eligible for ILLiad book delivery usually also enjoy a parallel service level for direct borrowing OhioLINK & SearchOhio loans. This, however, is not managed through the ILLiad system; please contact the KSL Service Center at 216-368-3506 or smithcontact@case.edu, for further assistance.

Depository Request scanning services only apply to materials (journals, books) held in the KSL Depository collections, as indicated in our online catalog. They do not include scanning from any other KSL collection locations.

Alumni and Depository Request users may not use the KSL ILLiad system for ILL services. Alumni should use their local public, academic or corporate library systems for this purpose. Depository Request users should use their respective CWRU campus library (CHSL, Law, MSASS) or affiliate library (CIM, CIA) service points for ILL services.

Please also be aware that ILL staff routinely verify the status and good standing of Faculty, Distance Ed Graduates, and Alumni Online Library users registered in our ILLiad patron database against our internal library patron account records, as well as in the University Directory and individual department websites. All potential ILLiad registrants who customarily use CWRU library systems other than KSL for ILL services will be referred to their respective service points (except for KSL Depository scan retrieval & delivery).

In conclusion, please note that more detailed information on special user level services may be viewed in the KSL ILLiad Customer Help page. As always, we hope this brief discussion has been helpful.

If you have any questions concerning our interlibrary loan services or ILLiad system, please feel free to contact Kelvin Smith Library ILL staff by phone at 216-368-3463 or 216-368-3517, or by e-mail us at smithill@case.edu.

January 16, 2019

The Correct Way to Request a Book Using ILLiad

This is a fairly important matter that has been hinted at here and there throughout this blog, but it is worth emphasizing in its own right...

* First of all, if we already own a circulating copy in the KSL collections (or in those of another CWRU campus library) that is not currently on loan to another user, you should not need to request it on interlibrary loan--check our online catalog first.

* If you cannot find a local copy in any of the university libraries, please check OhioLINK (and SearchOhio) for available copies that you can have retrieved directly from an academic (or public) library within the State of Ohio.

* Failing these first two prerequisites, you can then proceed to requesting the title using your ILLiad account.

* Select the "Book" form from the "New Request" section of your Main Menu during your logon session, fill in at least all of the "required" fields and submit your request.

* Music scores and complete conference proceedings should also be requested using the "Book" form--as these are normally published items, they can be cited in the same way as ordinary books.

* Alternatively, you may select "Report", "Thesis" or "Other (Misc. Loan)", if any of those forms more specifically apply to the (usually unpublished) item type you may require.

What NOT to do...

* By all means, never, ever use the "Book Chapter" form to sequentially request each and every individual chapter within a single book, or even a sizeable portion of the entire item in question--this is a gross and blatant violation of Copyright Law, even if the book happens to be fairly old.

* When using the "Book Chapter" form, please keep in mind that the rule on copying portions of many books stipulates a maximum of 15% of the total page length of the entire item; this limit should not be exceeded, even accounting for multiple request submissions from the same title.

* The "Conference Paper" form is intended specifically for research papers presented at conferences, meetings, symposia, etc., and should not be used to request entire published proceedings.

* Do not use the "Other (Misc. Loan)" form to request anything other than loans of special items (such as audio-visual media, microfilms, journal issues and volumes, etc.) or to request journal or newspaper articles (for which you should instead use the "Journal Article" form).

Well, that about covers all I wanted to say this time around. As always, hope this has been helpful.

Questions about ILLiad or interlibrary loan? Contact Kelvin Smith Library ILL staff at 216-368-3463 or 216-368-3517, or e-mail us at smithill@case.edu.

December 11, 2018

KSL Holiday Closure & ILL Services II

Once again, Case Western Reserve University (including Kelvin Smith Library and all other campus library locations) will be closed for business over the holiday break. This time around, the closure will extend from Saturday, December 22, 2018 through Tuesday, January 1, 2019. Please pardon me for essentially recycling the content of my blog entry from December 12, 2017 with necessary adjustments, for the sake of efficiency.

Again, you may wonder, how will this impact interlibrary loan services and your use of the KSL ILLiad system during this period? As before, until we resume regular library services on Wednesday, January 2, 2019 you can expect the following under these circumstances--

There will be...

* No processing of newly submitted loan or copy requests.
* No processing of renewal requests.
* No processing of electronic deliveries requiring staff mediation; those supplied by trusted senders will still be sent through automatically.
* No staff re-submission of requests for electronic deliveries where incorrect or incomplete articles have been unintentionally supplied by trusted senders.
* No manual courtesy e-mail notifications (e.g., pick-up reminders and blocked account notices); automated e-mails (overdues, electronic deliveries) will still be sent out.
* No receipt processing of pending ILL book loans and no sending of loan pickup notifications.
* No real-time check-in of returned ILL books left in the outdoor book-drop, and no suspension of automated overdue e-mail notifications -- so you may still receive notices, even though you have "physically" returned the items.
* No unblocking of accounts having loans two weeks or more past due, until items are checked in after the closure.
* No scanning and electronic delivery of articles from internal collections for special status users.
* No replies from ILL staff to e-mail or phone inquiries.

In summary, nothing can or will take place that requires ILL library staff to be present and on duty at KSL.

We will resume processing accumulated new requests and other transactions in intermediate process statuses, as well as responding to e-mail or voicemail inquiries, beginning Wednesday, January 2, 2019, in the order in which they were received and as time and available staffing permit.

To make the best of this situation, we recommend that by Friday, December 21, 2018 (well before 5:00 PM) you plan to...

* Pick up any loans still being held at the KSL Service Center, especially if the due date falls within the library closure period.
* Return any loans with a due date falling within the closure period, especially if they cannot be renewed.

...And even further in advance, please plan to...

* Submit new copy requests at least two days before the closure period, to increase the chances of receiving electronic deliveries in timely fashion; otherwise, new requests may not get processed or filled until after the closure.
* Request renewals (where eligible) for any current loans at least two days before the library closure; if this is still more than five days prior to the original due date, you may need to contact ILL staff by phone or e-mail (before December 20, 2018) to have this done manually.
* Submit new loan requests, especially if you have just returned a copy previously borrowed which cannot be renewed but will be needed again in the immediate future.

Also, remember that most of our supplier libraries are also on break during roughly the same time, and may not be processing ILL requests or shipping out items during this heavy volume period for the postal system and commercial couriers. This is especially relevant with regard to borrowing theses and dissertations from other academic libraries. They, likewise, are often non-suppliers while their affiliated granting institutions are closed between academic sessions, and are usually the sole holdings for a particular thesis or dissertation title. Therefore, processing of some thesis requests may need to be delayed even later than January 2, 2019.

If you have forgotten your ILLiad password, please use the "Forgot Password?" feature on the main logon page. ILL staff will not be available to change your password manually during the closure period.

Our best advice -- simply enjoy your time off, and wait until the new year to start using ILLiad services once again. As always, we hope this is helpful.

Here's wishing you all a safe and pleasant holiday break, and a productive return for the coming Spring 2019 Semester.

Got questions about interlibrary loan? Contact Kelvin Smith Library ILL staff at 216-368-3463 or 216-368-3517, or e-mail us at smithill@case.edu.