One Item per ILLiad Transaction, Please

When submitting ILL requests through your ILLiad account, we do ask that you enter one transaction for each individual item that you need. Attempting to request several items on a single form will lead to delays in processing by ILL staff, as it will require us to separate the original request into as many as correspond to the total number of items actually cited.

When you wish to request Journal Articles, Book Chapters, Conference Papers, Patents, or Standards, you must submit one request form per each reproduced item that you need. If you require a journal or newspaper article that appears in more than one part or installment, you need to cite each individual part on a separate form. If you need more than one chapter from the same book, or more than one paper from the same conference proceedings, you will likewise need to complete an individual request form for each one. Sometimes, as in these last two cases, it may be preferable simply to submit a loan request for the entire book or proceedings rather than several copy requests. Occasionally (though not without some difficulty), we are even able to borrow entire volumes of journals (in print or on microfilm), if circumstances warrant.

The same is generally true when you need to make loan-type requests (Books, Reports, Theses, etc.). If you need to borrow multiple volumes from a single loan title set or series (within reason), it is usually OK to include them on a single request. However, when an individual volume within a larger series has its own title, it is preferable to request it separately and cite it by this title rather than by that of the series. (It may also be helpful to make reference to the series title and volume number in the 'Notes' field of your ILLiad request form, though.) In cases where you specifically require more than one edition of the same book title, however, we ask that you still keep your requests for these separate.


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