Checking Local & OhioLINK Holdings First

Just a friendly reminder to check availability of book and serial holdings in Case local libraries' and OhioLINK's collections, before you decide to submit a request using your ILLiad account...

For the availability of any books, journals or serials, in either print or electronic format, first check in the CASE Online Catalog, where you may search the holdings of Kelvin Smith Library and other Case campus library locations (i.e, Music, Astronomy, R.R.C.C., Iron Mountain, Allen, Health Center, MSASS & Law). Direct links to electronic format materials are often provided right in their catalog record.

Access to materials not physically held in the Kelvin Smith Library or other on-campus locations can be obtained or requested by the following means: Search and access our electronic collections at Electronic Journals & Electronic Books. Submit your requests for retrieval from our storage facilities using the R.R.C.C. or Iron Mountain forms.

If you need to borrow books that are not available in Case libraries' local collections, you may search at OhioLINK, where you can request circulating items directly. Please remember that items in our local collections currently checked out (or otherwise unavailable for loan) may be requested through OhioLINK, when copies of them are also available in other member libraries' holdings. OhioLINK does not presently offer a mechanism for providing delivery of articles from journals, however.

Once you have determined that you cannot obtain loans from any of our Case local collections or through OhioLINK, or articles from any of our Case local print or electronic collections, then it is time to submit requests through your ILLiad account. Please also keep in mind that we generally will not fill any requests through interlibrary loan for materials you can obtain directly from our local print or electronic collections or from OhioLINK libraries.

Checking our local collections and resources first can save you much time in obtaining the materials needed for your research. By making use of locally accessible resources (including OhioLINK) for loans, you have the added advantage of more flexible loan periods and renewal policies, unlike those borrowed using ILLiad.


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