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ILLiad Loans vs. OhioLINK Loans & Local Checkouts

Just another reminder that your loans obtained through ILLiad are managed separately from those items you have borrowed directly from the Kelvin Smith Library, from other CASE campus library locations, and from OhioLINK collections.

In order to view your current ILLiad loan transactions, you must log into your account at ILLiad. A list of your outstanding requests will appear on your Main Page, which will include those for any loans (and articles) still in process by ILL Staff, as well as any loans still awaiting pick-up. You may refresh this page by clicking on 'Your Name's ILLiad Page' at the top of the menu at the left, or you may check outstanding requests by clicking on 'Outstanding Requests' under the 'View' section. If you require further details regarding the current status of any outstanding requests still 'In Process', you will need to contact ILL Staff at 216-368-3517 or 216-368-3463 (M-F, 9AM-4:30PM), or at For currently checked out loans, click on 'Checked Out Items' under the 'View' section also -- this is where you may request renewals, where eligible (see my previous entry on 'Requesting Renewals in ILLiad', or read about Renewals in our 'Customer Help' page).

To view any current loans from KSL collections, from any other CASE campus or CASE-affiliated libraries, or through OhioLINK, see the CASE Library Catalog and select 'My Library Account'. Here you will be able to renew these items, if they are eligible. For information regarding loans from the Cleveland Public Library, read further at CPL@Case-KSL.

Please note that any fines or replacement fees for KSL or OhioLINK books must be negotiated through our Circulation Department, which you may contact at 216-368-3506 or at We recommend that you contact other CASE library locations (Cleveland Health Sciences, MSASS, LAW, etc.) directly regarding fines on items from their collections.

We do not pass on overdue fines to patrons for books borrowed through ILLiad, as a matter of policy, but we do ask that you try to return these items as soon as possible. In the unfortunate instance of the loss of materials loaned through ILLiad, notify ILL Staff immediately, at 216-368-3517 or 216-368-3463, or at -- ILL staff will then need to contact the lending institution(s) on policies regarding replacement fees, and you will most likely be held accountable for compensation of any such losses. Your borrowing privileges may also become curtailed as a result, until any billings have been reconciled.

Sorry to end on such a depressing note... Hope this will clear up any confusion about the differences among the various sources of loans which you may obtain through our library services.

Blocked ILLiad Accounts

The end of the Fall 2008 Semester is nearing, and it's probably a time when many books borrowed though interlibrary loan are about to become overdue. If you have loans currently checked out through your ILLiad account, you may already have begun receiving e-mail notifications reminding you that they are soon to be returned, or are already overdue. You would have already been afforded the opportunity to request a renewal by now (under the right circumstances -- see my previous entry on 'Requesting Renewals in ILLiad'), but it's possible you've let this slip by due to a busy schedule.

The worst-case scenario might be receiving a message with the subject heading 'Overdue ILL Item - Blocked on ILLiad'. At this point, you are still able to log into your ILLiad account, but when you attempt to submit a new interlibrary loan request, you will receive the following message at the top of your page: 'You have been blocked and may not submit new requests...' This indicates that your KSL ILLiad account has lapsed to a 'blocked' status and your ILL privileges are now limited, as a result of having one or more current loan transactions at least 14 days overdue. To find out more details about what this implies, check the excerpt in our 'Customer Help' page regarding your Blocked ILLiad Account.

In order to remedy this situation, we would ask that you return any overdue ILLiad loans this far in arrears (or longer) directly to the Kelvin Smith Library Main Service Desk -- as soon as possible. (Returning items in the outdoor book drop or to other Case campus library locations will only slow the process.) Circulation staff can set your loan transaction(s) to a 'transit' status promptly, and this will prevent you from receiving further e-mail notifications on the loan(s) in question. ILL staff will clear the transaction(s) shortly thereafter, and once your account is free of any such excessively overdue items, you should receive a courtesy notice confirming that your ILLiad account has become unblocked, restoring you to full ILL privileges.

We appreciate your cooperation in getting all your ILLiad loans returned on time. This helps to keep our library in good standing with all the generous lenders with whom we do business, and in turn allows us to better serve our own customers.

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