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Abbreviated Titles

This is an issue that presents a problem mainly when requesting copies of journal articles, conference papers or book chapters. If you choose to submit your request by citing an abbreviated title (whether standard or non-standard) for a journal or conference, it can require additional processing time for ILL staff while searching the available holdings of potential lender libraries. If you cannot provide a full title, it is always helpful for you also to cite the ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) for journals and serial conference proceedings or the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for individual conference proceedings or books, if you have that information available. By searching OCLC WorldCat, you may also be able to obtain the OCLC Accession Number for a serial or book, and this is extremely time-saving if you refer to it in your ILLiad request.

An invaluable resource that can help to provide full journal titles, standard abbreviations and/or ISSN's is available at It is organized by subject area, and offers links to various serial title database sites. Of course we always recommend that you check the Research Databases offered in our own library page, or consult our reference librarians at (216) 368-6596 or at

Keep in mind that the more precise you can be in citing the materials you need for your research, the less likely processing delays may occur and the sooner your articles will be provided to you through our interlibrary loan services.