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'Notes' and 'Source of Citation' Fields in ILLiad Request Forms

Whenever your ILLiad request requires some special attention (such as 'RUSH' service or prior contact with a potential supplier location), the 'Notes' field in the online form is the place to indicate this when you submit or re-edit your citation. This field has been provided expressly for this purpose, and its use is preferable to sending us a simultaneous e-mail message. ILL staff will see your message immediately once they begin processing your request, rather than possibly some time after the fact. You may enter a few sentences of reasonable length, as the 'Notes' field can hold up to 255 characters.

The 'Source of Citation' fields, though not required, are also very useful in helping us search for the material you need. These are where you can indicate where you learned about the item you are requesting, and should not be used to duplicate the information you enter into the 'Notes' field. You should provide the title of the article, research paper, book, etc., or the Research Database entry, that refers to the material you are requesting. (Please do not use these fields simply to re-enter the same information for what you are actually requesting.) It is especially helpful if the source of citation you indicate is something library staff will have fairly easy access to (i.e., print or electronic journals, abstract/index databases already in our own holdings)r. If you refer to a rare or esoteric source, we may have to ask you to provide an actual copy of it to us, should we experience excess difficulty in verifying your citation.

Remember that the more information you can provide when citing the items you need for your research, the better we can avoid processing delays in providing your interlibrary loan materials.