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'Library-Use-Only' Materials Borrowed through ILLiad

Occasionally when we borrow certain materials on interlibrary loan, the lender libraries will specify an 'In-Library Use Only' restriction on their use. This most often applies in the case of rare or fragile items, microfilms, autio-visual materials, or journal volumes -- and it is completely the lender's prerogative to do so. Often, it is a condition upon which they will agree to loan their materials at all. Some libraries will let us know beforehand, and if there is no other option, we usually accept this stipulation.

For example, the collections of the Library of Congress are entirely for in-house use when visitors request items from them on-site. Likewise, when they agree to loan any of their materials out on interlibrary loan they expect the same treatment of these items while used at borrower locations. The Archives of American Art and the National Diet Library of Japan also specify this same requirement for any and all loans. Other lenders may require this only for certain items or specific material types, most often when items are in poor condition but can still be handled carefully.

In order for us to respect the lenders' conditions, we ask patrons for whom any such items have been borrowed not to use them outside of the Kelvin Smith Library. When you receive an e-mail notification that materials have arrived for pick-up, you will see a line in the text 'Must this item remain in the library building? Yes', indicating a library-use item. When you come to the library to use the material for the first time, we still expect you to sign and date the checkout slip that accompanies it (and show a valid ID card) as with all other ILLiad loans, even though your are not actually taking it outside the library. This is so that we can update the status of the request transaction properly in our ILL database.

We also provide a usage signout sheet accompanying the item(s), in the manner of reserve checkout, on which you may indicate your in-library usage record -- specifying the date and time when taken from the circulation desk and when returned. There is room for up to six uses on the slip, but you may note down more times on the blank side as needed -- this is not an attempt to limit your usage, just a matter of space constraints.

Whenever you sign out the item for use within the library, mark the 'Out' lines and return the slip to a staff member at the main desk; it will be held there until you complete your usage period. When you are finished, turn in the item to the desk and fill in the 'In' lines on the slip, and let staff know if you still require it in the future. You may repeat this as many times as you need until the material reaches its due date. Once you are completely finished using it, check off the 'RETURNED' box, and let the desk staff know that it may be sent back. Otherwise, it will be returned to the hold shelf, accompanied by the library-use slip, until you need it again or until it reaches the due date.

Please note that if you leave Library-Use-Only items at the desk, they are still checked out to you through ILLiad, and you may begin receiving e-mail notices once they need to be returned. In some cases, you may have the option to request a renewal -- see my 'Requesting Renewals in ILLiad' entry from September 2008 for more on this. If you receive such a notice, and have determined you no longer need the material, please reply to the e-mail, indicating this is the case; ILL staff will then pull the loaned material from the hold shelf and send it back to the lender library.

By observing lenders' policies, we maintain favorable relations, and can expect agreeable service from them in future instances. If we show evidence of not respecting their restrictions, we risk damaging our relations with them as well as forfeiting their future consideration. We appreciate your co-operation in the appropriate handling and usage of the materials we obtain on your behalf, as it may effectively impact upon the quality of service we can subsequently provide.

Authorized Users

If you ever decide that you want any other person(s)--such as your secretary, assistant, or a family member--to be able to pick up any received Interlibrary Loan materials at the Kelvin Smith Library Main Service Desk, be sure to list their name(s) in the 'Authorized Users' field when you create your ILLiad patron account. Their name(s) will be listed in the e-mail notifications you receive, and will be printed on the checkout slip inserted in the loaned item. Remember that 'Authorized Users' are required to present a valid photo ID to circulation staff in order to check out materials on your behalf, just as you would in person. (Also, this does not apply to check-out of Kelvin Smith Library or OhioLINK books -- you will need to make this kind of arrangement separately with our Circulation Department; contact directly at 216-368-3506 or, for further details.) If your 'Authorized Users' should ever change, please keep their designation up-to-date in your ILLiad account profile. Use the 'Change User Information' option in your ILLiad Main Menu to enter and save any updates.

Please note that this designation does not automatically carry over to other applications or uses of your ILLiad account and your interlibrary loan privileges. You may choose to make private arrangements at your own discretion with your 'Authorized Users', allowing them log-in use of your account in your stead. Remember that you are still directly responsible for the timely return of loans, compensation for loss or damage of loaned materials, adherence to copyright guidelines and restrictions (when requesting articles), receipt of e-mail notifications, and management of your personal contact and university status information.

By including this option in our library's ILLiad services, we hope to extend the added convenience that it offers you.