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Tracking in Your ILLiad Requests & Explanation of Statuses

In case you're ever interested in monitoring the progress of your ILL requests, you can view the current status of an ILLiad transaction whenever you log into your account. Select any of the categories under the 'View' section of your Main Menu, and click on a transaction number from the table that appears. (If you select 'Notifications', you first need to click on a 'Subject' and then the transaction number at the bottom of the message.)

You will see the table containing your request information, then a table with any 'Notes' you have originally submitted (and any others added subsequently by ILL staff regarding special pertinent processing information). At the bottom of the page there will be another table labeled 'Tracking'. It will list all the various statuses the transaction has passed through, in chronological order with the current or final status appearing in the very last line. The date and time will be indicated to the left of the status listing, and the Username of the particular user (i.e., either yours or an ILL staff member's) who has made the corresponding update will appear to its right. ('System' implies that the ILLiad operating system has made the update automatically according to a specified routing rule.)

You may check the Customer Help page in the Explanation of Request Statuses section, for further clarification on what each status specifically implies. Please note that the status of 'Request Sent' requires additional explanation, since the technical details of the request's progress at this point are accessible only to ILL staff. We hope this feature of the ILLiad system is helpful to you, especially when ILL staff are not available in person during regular service hours. Of course, if you need additional assistance, please contact us at (216) 368-3517 or (216) 368-3463, Monday-Friday 9:00AM-4:30PM, or at