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Cancelling ILLiad Requests Already Submitted

If you ever decide that you no longer need materials that you have requested through interlibrary loan, you have the ability to cancel any of your ILLiad transactions before items are supplied. You usually can do this for yourself if you catch the request shortly after submitting it, and before ILL staff have had the opportunity to begin processing. For example, if your request still is at the status of 'Awaiting Request Processing', you may cancel it yourself. You can click on the corresponding transaction number link from your table of 'Outstanding Requests' (from your Main Menu page or by selecting from the Main Menu 'View' section), then select 'Cancel Request'. You will then receive a confirmation message at the top of the page.

On the other hand, if you wait until you request has reached a status of 'Request Sent', you can no longer cancel it yourself as ILL staff have already processed it to where this is not possible. In this case you will need to contact us at (216) 368-3517 or (216) 368-3463, or at We can usually make arrangements to discontinue processing a request at an advanced stage, unless a lender has already sent out the material. In such a case (especially where a loaned book is concerned) we ordinarily will leave the request live and make you aware of the situation. Once such material arrives, we will notify you to pick it up (or download in the case of an electronically delivered article), just in case you decide you still may have a use for it after all--and of course you have the option to tell us just to return it at that point. In cases where we actually can terminate a processed request, we will send you the routine e-mail cancellation notification, confirming the reason being that you specifically asked to have it cancelled.

Do NOT try to notify us to cancel a previous ILLiad request (or of any other ILL issue or concern) by submitting a new request with a message in the 'Notes' field. Use the ILLiad request forms ONLY for their intended purpose of borrowing materials through interlibrary loan. When you cannot cancel a transaction yourself, ALWAYS contact us by phone or e-mail. Please note that an e-mail link is available in the ILLiad Main Menu when you are logged in, conveniently located in the 'Help' section as 'Contact ILL'. For further details about cancelling ILLiad requests, please check the Customer Help page in the Cancelling a Request section.

Keep in mind that you also have the option of re-submitting any of your previously cancelled ILLiad requests. You can view any of your old cancelled transactions by selecting 'Cancelled Requests' from the 'View' section of your Main Menu, and clicking on the corresponding transaction number link. Click the 'Resubmit Request' option at the top of the window, and you may then edit and submit the request once again. You can also choose simply to submit an entirely new interlibrary loan request for the original materials, if you prefer. For further details, check the View Cancelled Requests and Re-submit a Request sections of our ILLiad Customer Help page.

We greatly appreciate your co-operation in making your use of interlibrary loan services more efficient, and thereby assisting ILL staff in our efforts to better serve your research needs.