ILLiad System Alerts

You may have noticed whenever you log into your ILLiad account that a sidebar in the upper right corner of your main menu page appears, which may or may not contain any of various types of announcements. We provide these as a courtesy, so that you may be made aware of various factors that might in one way or another have an effect on interlibrary loan services.

One way in which we use these 'System Alerts', as they are called, is to make you aware of times when ILL staff may not be available for consultation. For example, library closings for university holidays and early department closing times will normally be announced here. We also indicate when either of our staff are taking vacation time or any other scheduled time off, in case for some reason you need to contact one of us in particular and want to know our availability specifically. (You can expect this to come into play more frequently as the Spring Semester comes to a close and Summer approaches.) We also may anounce departmental meetings or library staff training retreats, should any of these possibly last an entire morning or afternoon, or all day.

Another reason we might post a system alert would be to forwarn you in advance of any pre-scheduled downtime for the ILLiad system by our hosting service provider, so that you may anticipate those times when it would be better to avoid logging in. Depending on the circumstances, this may or may not affect the availability of the public web pages during periods of expected downtime. More often it affects the accessibility of the staff mode of the operation, and in turn may still result briefly in some slowing of our ability to process ILL requests.

Finally, we can arrange for some of these messages to be visible only to particular user types (e.g., Faculty, Distance Education Students, Alumni) to make them aware of special services available to them, or to provide any special instructions regarding details of account maintenance or request form submissions relevant to them.

We hope that by providing these alerts, we can make your use of ILLiad more effective. Please be aware that you may view them as an RSS feed as well. As always, if you have questions regarding ILLiad or interlibrary loan services, feel free to contact the KSL ILL staff by phone at 216-368-3517 or 216-368-3463, Mon.-Fri. 9:00 AM-4:30 PM (or leave voicemail after hours), or via e-mail at


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