Requesting Books vs. Book Chapters

Just a reminder about making the distinction between a request for the reproduction of portion of a book (or a paper from a published proceedings, for that matter) and one for the actual loan of the entire item...

When you need only a copy of an individual chapter from a book, we ask that you please use the 'Book Chapter' (or 'Conference Paper' if this is more appropriate) request form. Please do not use the 'Book' request form and then add information into the 'Notes' field about any specific section(s) you need to have copied--this particular form is intended only for the request of a loan of the entire book (or proceedings). Of course, if you require more than one chapter (or paper) reproduced you will need to submit a separate 'Book Chapter' request transaction for each of them.

As always, we recommend that you check first for local availability of any books in the Kelvin Smith Library and other Case campus location library collections by first searching the CASE Online Catalog, before you even decide to use ILLiad. If you cannot find it locally, always look in the OhioLINK Catalog for available copies as well. If you can locate a copy of a book within the KSL or other CASE Library locations, then there really is no need to request it (or reproductions of sections thereof) through ILLiad. If you find it in OhioLINK, then you may do better simply to request the entire piece through their online borrowing function. If an OhioLINK book does not circulate, or you really only need a portion of one reproduced under urgent circumstances, then submit a 'Book Chapter' (or 'Conference Paper') request and mention OhioLINK availability in the 'Notes' field, citing the specific location if possible.

When items are not available either in any CASE campus locations or in OhioLINK, it is often helpful for you to search WorldCat for possible lender locations before submitting your request (for a loan or a chapter copy) through ILLiad. You can enter this helpful information into the 'Notes' field in order to expedite processing. If you can also provide an OCLC Accession Number for the corresponding bibliographic record, enter it in the 'OCLC Number' field of the appropriate request form. (If you cannot reach WorldCat from the link provided above, try accessing if from our Research Databases page, searching under the 'W' section. If this does not work, you may need to use a workstation from a CASE campus location or with VPN accessibility.)

In any case, we always suggest that requesting the loan of an entire book is the preferred alternative to requesting a book chapter of excessive length (e.g., 80-100 pages or more). If you need several chapters (or conference papers) all from the same book (or proceedings), again it is preferable to submit a single request to borrow the entire piece instead of several for a number of individual copies. As always you need to be mindful of Copyright restrictions when submitting any large number of copy requests (or requests for very large sections of a book). We suggest that you consult the Copyright@Case page before doing anything of this sort through ILLiad. For example, many copyright holders specify that no more than 15% of the total page length of a book may be reproduced (through one or more requests, collectively), often even requiring special written permission from the publisher.

We hope this information will be useful in helping you to use ILLiad and our interlibrary loan services more judiciously. In this way we can make our efforts more efficient and expeditious towards assisting your research needs.


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