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Multiple-Part Loans Borrowed through ILL

Occasionally you may require a loaned title on ILL that arrives in more than one part (whether or not you specified this when originally submitting your request), and sometimes includes several pieces of various sizes. This will often cause practical concerns when you need to check the items out and transport them to your home or study location, as large numbers of parts or excessively large pieces can be unwieldly and inconvenient to carry. In any case, when you come to the library to use these materials, you will still be required to check out all the parts together as they are recorded on a single request transaction in your ILLiad account. Each piece may have an individual slip which you need to sign and date separately (when only a few are involved), but for loans with a large number of parts we will usually include only a single slip for all of them, as this is more practical.

If possible, we suggest that you ask the KSL desk staff if it is possible to borrow a book truck temporarily if you plan to use the materials you have borrowed only within the library building. If any empty carts are available you may be able to arrange for permission to do this. If you need to take all the parts home with you (except in the case of Library-Use-Only loans), you can take some during one visit and the remaining ones at later times. In such a case, explain your situation to a desk staff member and ask that they place a note on any parts you will be picking up at a later time, so these may be held securely on the hold shelf until then. This option would work best when oversized or heavy pieces are involved and when you are unable to carry or use all of them at once.

Keep in mind that any loans marked as 'Library-Use-Only' should only be used within the confines of the Kelvin Smith Library building. They are furnished with one or more special sign-out slips to indicate your usage times, and whether you are finished using them and they can be returned to the lender. However, if a large or multi-part loan is allowed to circulate outside the library, but you have determined that for practical reasons you would prefer to limit your use to the library only, you can ask the desk staff to improvise a note on which to indicate that you wish the materials to be kept on the hold shelf when not in use, until you are indeed finished using them. Microfilm loans, though not oversized, are also usually best kept in the library (whether they have been marked Library-Use-Only or not), as the facilities and equipment for reading and duplicating them are available within the building anyway.

Once you have finished using ILL loans that have come in multiple parts, remember that all of them need to be returned in order for the request transaction in your ILLiad account to be cleared. Partial returns to the desk are OK, but keep in mind that the loan will still have a 'Checked Out' status (and you may continue receiving e-mail notices from the ILLiad system if near or past the due date), until you have accounted for each and every part and turned them in to the KSL main service desk staff. When they attempt to check the items into our ILL circulation system, they are also alerted whenever a loan includes more than one piece (and specifically the total number of pieces) and will bring this to your attention.

We hope that these suggestions and policy clarifications will make you feel more comfortable about your use of ILL loans of inordinate size or number, and lessen any inconvenience to your research.