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Blocked from Using ILLiad - Revisited

Occasionally, it is possible when using the ILLiad system you may encounter the error message 'Blocked due to user not found.' You might receive this indication either when you attempt to log into the account you have already created, or when you are attempting to set up a new ILLiad account. Unfortunately, this entails serious consequences as it prevents your use of interlibrary loan services, and is due to a discrepancy in your library circulation account when ILLiad tries to authenticate against your current record to allow access.

In such a case, ILLiad is failing to locate or recognize your CASE Account Number (the number which the university has assigned you to replace your Social Security Number for ID purposes) according to one of at least three possible scenarios:

*The CASE Account Number field in your ILLiad account is either empty or contains a number different from that in your library circulation record.
*Your circulation record does not contain your CASE Account Number or there are duplicate records for your name that both contain the same CASE Account Number.
*The number you are using as your CASE Account Number (i.e., when you are setting up a new ILLiad account) is either incorrect or otherwise does not exist anywhere in the library patron database.

These may be the result of anomalies in regular database management processes, or are possibly just due to human error. In any case, you will need to contact the appropriate library staff immediately to have these issues investigated and corrected. A first step towards resolving this issue would be to look up your CASE Account Number -- click on this link. You will need to enter your CASE initials and password to access this information. If you are setting up a new ILLiad account, make sure that this is the number you are entering into the 'CASE Account Number' field in the registration form, and your problem may be solved right away.

If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact circulation staff by phone at 216-368-3506 to verify that the number you have just searched is what actually appears in your circulation records. They will either make the necessary corrections in your record, or refer you to an authorized staff member who can properly update your patron information. You may also need to contact ILL staff at 216-368-3517 or 216-368-3463 to confirm that your CASE Account Number appears correctly in your ILLiad account. We recommend, for security reasons, that you contact library staff by phone only, and do not convey your confidential information by e-mail.

For complete information to assist you with setting up an ILLiad account, please click on this link: First Time Users. If you experience the problem described above, or any other possible reasons for which you might be unable to access your ILLiad account, further information is available at: Can't Logon?. Please know that we are always concerned about avoiding the presence of any such circumstances that might possibly prevent you from making the best use of our interlibary loan services.