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OCLC WorldCat and ILLiad Requests

OCLC WorldCat is an invaluable resource for the location of materials potentially available for obtaining through interlibrary loan, and is our principle recourse in the searching process. If you have already searched this database before submitting your ILL request through your ILLiad account, you will note there is a field in most of the forms where you may enter the 'OCLC Number'--more specifically the 'OCLC Accession Number'. If you have this piece of information, providing it when submitting your request will greatly assist ILL staff in locating the materials you need from potential lender libraries.

You may access this resource from our library's Research Databases page. Select 'W' (not 'O') from the alpha list, then on the new page scroll down and select 'WorldCat'. You may then perform searches using any of various indexes, limits, etc., and will then be provided the results from which you may select specific bibliographic records. Clicking on 'Libraries worldwide that own item' will provide you with the OCLC symbols for the OCLC participant library locations that have holdings for the corresponding monograph or series title. The list that appears will indicate the names of potential lender institutions (next to their symbols), and if underlined these will link you to the library's online catalog (in many cases also automatically performing an OCLC Accession Number or keyword search).

Clicking on 'Search the catalog at OhioLINK' will perform a search in the OhioLINK Catalog based on the OCLC Accession Number for the selected record, and 'Find a Copy' will perform a similar search based on title and author keywords. (If you locate holdings of books in OhioLINK, we encourage you to pursue requesting available copies, if any, directly through that resource.)

Once you have determined the corresponding OCLC Accession Number for the material you need, and are ready to submit your ILLiad request, you may specify it in the appropriate form. We ask that you enter only one OCLC Accession Number into the 'OCLC Number' field, preferably that which has indicated the greatest number of potential holdings. If you have any additional accession numbers known that may be used alternatively, please specify them in 'Notes' field instead. Provide only the OCLC Accession Number in the 'OCLC Number' field--if you lack this number, please leave it blank. ISSN, ISBN and call numbers have their own specified fields (where applicable) in which they are to be entered, and any other reference number types (e.g., Library of Congress Control Number) may instead be indicated in the 'Notes' field.

Providing information from the OCLC WorldCat beforehand can greatly expedite the Interlibrary Loan service we provide for your research needs. Doing so will help avoid complications and delays in processing your requests, so we can get your materials to you as quickly as possible.