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ILLiad Menu in Your Login Session

Just providing a little assistance for navigating through your ILLiad patron account site...

Whenever you log into ILLiad, you will find a number of options in the left-side column, under the heading 'Main Menu'. This menu will be accessible from all site pages during your login session, except when you are viewing downloaded PDF's and RSS feeds (system alerts or e-mail notifications), in which case you will need to use your browser's 'BACK' button to return to the previous regular ILLiad screen display, to access the Main Menu options once again. Below is a representation of this menu as it will roughly appear in your ILLiad session pages, along with some helpful explanations.

Main Menu

* [Your Name]'s ILLiad Page -- This link refreshes your home page, and displays a table of your current outstanding ILL transactions as well as any current alerts pertaining to ILL or other library service issues.

* Logoff [Your Username] -- This link closes your session and returns you to our main logon page.

New Request

-- Under this heading you will find links to the various request type forms, some of which are for 'copies' and and some of which are for 'loans'. 'Copy' refers to any document that has been reproduced for your use, and is normally delivered in electronic format through ILLiad rather than printed on paper. 'Loan' refers to any item in print or other media format, which has been borrowed for your use but must at some point be returned.

Copies: Journal Article, Book Chapter, Conference Paper, Patent, Standards Document
-- 'Journal Article' may also apply to newspaper articles, but please do not use this form for Book Chapters, Conference Papers, Patents or Standards; these request types have their own specific forms.
-- 'Conference Paper' should be used to request copies of papers from conferences, symposia, annual meetings, etc., but not for loans of entire proceedings; use the 'Book' request form if you wish to borrow the complete item.
-- More details can be found in our Customer Help page about requesting a Copy.

Loans: Book, Report, Thesis, Other (Misc.)
-- 'Book' may also apply to music scores, entire conference proceedings, or other common monographs; Theses and Research Reports should be requested with their own specific forms.
-- 'Other (Misc.)' is a loan-only form, for extraordinary borrowing purposes, such as microfilm reels, audio-visual items, journal volumes, etc.
-- Loan-type requests are not available (via ILLiad) to 'Alumni Online Library' users subscribing to the Alumni Choice Membership Service, as it is not a part of their service package.
-- More details can be found in our Customer Help page about requesting a Loan.


-- This category provides links to various tables of your request transactions, from which you may view them according to their current or final status.
-- This is the section where you may download electronic articles that have been delivered, by clicking on the 'Electronically Received Articles' link, and selecting from the table that appears.
-- You can view any ILL books that are currently checked out, and from the 'Checked Out Items' link you are able to submit renewals on loans, where these are available.
-- You may also view your filled request history (completed transactions), cancelled requests, and your most recent e-mail notifications.
-- Cancelled request transactions may be re-submitted, if necessary, especially if you are able to provide corrected citation information or have been instructed to delay a request (e.g., where the material needed was too new to borrow when originally requested, or was otherwise not yet available).


-- This section provides the forms from which you may modify your personal profile information, or change your password.


-- This category provides links to our own system documents for assistance in your use of ILLiad: FAQ, Customer Help, Electronic Delivery Information.
-- There is also a mail-to link so that you may easily contact Kelvin Smith Library's interlibrary loan staff.


-- This section provides links to various resources to which you may need to refer quickly while filling in request form information, or that will re-direct you to alternate sources from which you may be able to obtain your materials more expeditiously than through regular interlibrary loan channels.
-- The former of these would include our list of Research Databases, and the latter would include our own Library Online Catalog, our Electronic Journal collection, and OhioLINK.
-- A link to our university ITS VPN setup page is provided, to assist you with off-campus connectivity access to those electronic resources that require this software.
-- Links to the university's Copyright Compliance Policy page and the library's own Comments & Suggestions page are also provided for your convenience.
-- Special Users (Distance Ed Graduate, Alumni Online Library) may see additional links relevant to their service levels.

* About ILLiad

-- This link gives a brief description of our ILL system, and is provided by Atlas Systems, Inc., our hosting service company.

We hope that by providing some elaboration on how to make use of the ILLiad Main Menu options, you may better utilize our interlibary loan services, and take advantage of many of the other services and resources available through the Kelvin Smith Library as well.