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Case Account Number and ILLiad New User Registration

When you register as a new user in the Kelvin Smith Library's ILLiad site (or in that of any of the other campus library systems for that matter), you will be required to verify your current affiliation with the university. When you enter your profile information in the registration form accessed from the 'First Time Users' link on our main logon page, you will need to provide your 'Case Account Number' in order to do so. A few years ago, this number (which is uniquely assigned to every member of the CWRU community), was instituted so as to replace your Social Security Number for various administrative functions including library circulation account records, for obvious security and legal reasons. Staff and Faculty -- this is NOT to be confused with your Case Employee Number.

ILLiad requires this piece of information in order to authenticate against your university records when you set up a new profile, as well as every time you begin a new login session. It also also checks whether you are in good standing, i.e., you do not have excessive fines accrued in your library records. Your unique number may be looked up in real time at the following site, by entering your Case Initials and network password: Case Account Number. Please note that this link also appears near the corresponding field in the ILLiad New User Registration form.

Please keep in mind that if your account number is not correctly entered when you register, you will receive the error message 'Blocked due to user not found.' after you click on the 'Submit Information' button. This may occur if you entered the wrong ID number or typed it incorrectly, or the number is missing from your circulation account. If you have already successfully registered, you may possibly see the message 'Blocked due to fines.' if you have $15 or more in charges indicated in your record. Should any of these circumstances impede your access to ILLiad service, we recommend that you get in touch with our circulation department for assistance with rectifying the status of your library account. You may contact them directly at 216-368-3506 or at

Please also note that an entry line for your Case Account Number does not appear anywhere within the 'Change User Information' form in subsequent ILLiad logon sessions, since this number will never be different from the one you originally provided as long as you remain affiliated with the university. Under normal circumstances, you will never have to update this number in your ILLiad profile on a future occasion.

We hope that this clarifies any confusion regarding the identity of your Case Account Number, as well as its application to your ILLiad account setup and subsequent interlibrary loan services. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact us at (216) 368-3517 or (216) 368-3463 (M-F, 9:00 AM-4:30 PM, or at: