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Courtesy Electronic Delivery Materials for Faculty ILLiad Users at KSL

It may have been a little-known secret up until now, but the ILL staff of the Kelvin Smith Library have been providing reproductions of internally held materials over the past few years, as a courtesy, to eligible faculty ILLiad users via electronic delivery. This service is currently available exclusively to faculty registrants in the Kelvin Smith Library ILLiad site (whose status has also been verified against university records), from the following university divisions served by our library:

*College of Arts and Sciences
*Case School of Engineering
*Weatherhead School of Management

In addition to faculty from the eligible departments served by KSL in these colleges, we will also extend this to heads of university central administrative offices, as long as they register with a status of 'Faculty' in their ILLiad profiles.

As Kelvin Smith Library only serves the interlibrary loan needs of faculty within the above-mentioned affiliations, we do not offer this service to faculty members (or any other potential user statuses) from the School of Medicine (including their medically-related interdisciplinary programs, e.g., Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Biomedical Ethics, Physiology & Biophysics), the School of Nursing, the School of Dental Medicine, the School of Law, or the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences. We recommend that you set up your new ILLiad profile or use your existing account at one of the following sites, as applicable:

LAW Library
MSASS Harris Library

These campus library service points may dictate their own policies regarding electronically delivered reproductions drawn from internal collections, so we recommend that you contact their staff directly regarding this matter. Of course, Kelvin Smith Library is open to the entire CWRU community as far as other service offerings are concerned.

We do not offer this service to staff, graduates or undergraduates, and cannot accept requests for materials available in university library physical or electronic collections. Any such requests submitted by non-faculty users will be cancelled, and notifications will be sent which will re-direct them to the appropriate on-campus or electronically accessible collections for direct on-site use or remote access (when possible). Unless you are a genuine, eligible faculty member, please do not register an ILLiad account as such or alter your current profile status inappropriately. ILL staff reserve the right to monitor questionable statuses in users' accounts, verify them against the university directory and correct them accordingly, if necessary. Please note that distance-learning graduates enrolled in the Doctor of Management program (subsidized by WSOM) and alumni users at the premium service level (fee-based) are entitled to request on-campus materials for electronic reproduction and delivery, as special exceptions.

Faculty who wish to take advantage of this must also have opted to accept electronic delivery in their ILLiad profile settings -- this does not appear as an option in your personal information data fields when you register as a new user or change your current user information, since 'Yes' has been the default value for all new registrants as of the Fall of 2007. If your account pre-dates this and you are unsure, please contact the ILL staff by phone at (216) 368-3517 or (216) 368-3463 (M-F, 9:00 AM-4:30 PM), or by e-mail at: Of course if you have routinely been able to download electronically received articles previously through your ILLiad account, then your profile is already set to 'Yes' for this option. Also, whenever you are logged into your account, an alert should appear in the right-hand column in your main page regarding the availability of this special service.

Eligible faculty users may request journal or newspaper articles, book chapters, conference papers, and the like, from KSL collections through their ILLiad accounts. We suggest that you first check availability of journal articles and other electronically-available documents by searching our Electronic Journals collections before you choose to submit an ILLiad request transaction. You can also search our library's Online Catalog in advance, as the title listing there may also include a direct link to an available electronic version. We suggest that you please avoid using ILLiad to request articles already available from our electronic journal collections, to save yourself time and prevent possible processing delays for ILL staff. When you do decide to submit an ILLiad copying request for local materials, you can also use information extracted from the catalog by entering it into the appropriate form, to assist ILL staff with locating the items more quickly.

This courtesy service does not include retrieval or delivery of physical loans of books (circulating or non-circulating) or journals from our internal collections. Faculty may use the following forms, as applicable: Non-Circulating Book Request, Non-Circulating Bound Journal Request. This service should also not be used for requesting titles from electronic book collections, or for anything constituting a copyright violation -- please consult here for further assistance: Copyright@Case.

Of course anything that is not available within the Kelvin Smith Library or in its local satellite branches (i.e., R.R.C.C. Storage, Music, Astronomy) will be requested through regular interlibrary loan channels. Articles and other reproducible documents will then be supplied by potential lender library partners, through electronic delivery.

We hope that our faculty can make their best use of this service, and we are happy to assist with their research needs through this special offering.