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One Item per ILLiad Transaction, Please - Revisited

Just another friendly reminder about how to use your ILLiad account whenever you need multiple items supplied through our interlibrary loan service...

When you submit your ILL requests in ILLiad, we prefer that you enter a single transaction for each individual piece of material that you require. If you attempt to request several on just one form, it will lead to processing delays. ILL staff will need to separate your original request into as many transactions as correspond to the total number of items actually cited, if this is practical. Under some circumstances, we may simply cancel your original request and ask that you re-enter all the new transactions properly on your own.

For example, if you need an article from a journal or newspaper which was published in more than one installment, you still have to cite each individual part in a separate form. You should do this regardless of whether they appear consecutively within the same issue or dispersed through multiple issues or volumes. The same is true when you require more than one chapter from the same book, or more than one paper from the same conference proceedings. When you need to access numerous such excerpts from a book or proceedings, it is sometimes just better to place a loan request for the entire item instead. In fact, sometimes we can even attempt to borrow an entire volume or issue of a journal or newspaper (in print or on microfilm), if circumstances warrant and we are able locate a willing lender library.

When you need to obtain considerable amounts of reproduced materials, we always recommend that you be mindful of copyright issues as they apply to your research needs. The most pertinent of them concern how many recent articles you can have reproduced from the same journal and how large a total portion of a book you can have copied, as well as any required permissions from authors or publishers. You can find helpful information in this regard, at our Copyright@Case page.

As far as loan-type requests go, you should proceed similarly for the most part. For example, if you need to borrow a 2- or 3-volume set (or slightly larger, within reason), it will usually be OK to request them altogether on a single transaction. However, when you need multiple non-consecutive volumes from a single title set or series, it is probably better to request each one individually, since we may not be able to borrow every one of them all at once from the same lender. In cases where a specific volume within a larger series has its own title, it may be preferable just to request it separately and cite it by this title rather than by that of the series. You can always make reference to the series title and volume number in the 'Notes' field of your ILLiad loan request form.

Also, when you specifically require more than one particular edition of the same book title, we ask that you still submit requests for each of them in separate transactions. Keep in mind that you also have the option of indicating whether or not you can accept an alternate edition from the one originally cited. When you are requesting different editions individually, it may be a good idea to indicate 'No' for this setting in each case.

As always, we strongly urge you to search the CASE Online Catalog for local holdings ahead of time, as well as OhioLINK, before deciding to use ILLiad to request materials.


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