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ILL Do's and Don't's - 2nd Installment

As promised, here are more...

Do submit a separate ILLiad request form for each individual loan or copy you need. We cannot provide multiple items on a single transaction due to the unnecessary processing and searching difficulties this creates, and because of the reasonable expectations of potential lenders. Where copies of articles and book chapters are involved, this also raises copyright issues.
Don't submit duplicate requests for the same loan or copy. If you have submitted a request and need to make a change, you can usually edit it if you catch it shortly afterwards. If ILL staff have already processed a request that you can no longer edit, please contact us by phone or e-mail to make any corrections or additions you think need to be included. Also, you may contact us regarding the status of an existing active request, rather than just submitting another transaction for the same material.

Do seek out bookstore copies of new, used, or rentable textbooks for your coursework. If they have run out of copies for your class, consider inquiring whether they have more on order. You can always check for the availability of such titles in OhioLINK as well, and you may be able to borrow a copy that way at least to hold you over for a good while. With extended renewals possible on these loans, you may even be set for a good portion of the academic term.
Don't rely on interlibrary loan services to fill your textbook requirements for the entire semester period. We can help supplement your needs up to a reasonable point, but should not have to act as a substitute for obtaining your own personal copies. Unfortunately, indefinite numbers of copies of the same title and edition cannot be assumed to be available from the pool of potential lender libraries. Local users from other universities and colleges where equivalent courses are also taught may have the same idea, and will have secured all the copies held at their own academic libraries. Even if we are able to borrow a textbook from another location, there is always the possibility that a lender's local patron will request for it to be recalled at some point in the term for their own use.

Do make a habit of indicating the specific edition of a loaned item you need, if possible. Please provide any publisher and publication year information, if you are able. It is always helpful if you can also give the ISBN, as this makes the matter unequivocal as to the specific edition required. If you do not care which edition you want us to obtain, at least give some hint of the year or possible years. Of course, if you need to borrow copies of more than one specific edition of the same title, we ask that you request these separately.
Don't forget to indicate whether or not you will accept an alternate edition. You can select this option when you submit your loan request form. This is most helpful in a case when your original indication is already for a specific edition. If you haven't specified which edition from the start, we won't be able to interpret a selection of 'No', and will have to disregard it.

Do indicate whether or not you will accept your ILL materials in a foreign language. If this is a matter of concern, you ay select the 'Accept Non-English' option when you submit your request form -- the default setting for this is 'Yes'.
Don't forget that materials you request that are originally cited in a foreign language most likely will be provided in that same language. Books, theses, articles, papers, etc., that are known with certainty to have been translated into English should also be cited in English when you submit your request, unless you actually want the original language version. Keep in mind that materials referenced by title and abstract in English may not necessarily be available full-text in English translation.

Do keep the personal information in your ILLiad profile correct and up-to-date. We ask this especially where your current e-mail and phone contact information are concerned, as this is our primary means of notifying you about your interlibrary loan service issues.
Don't create multiple user accounts in ILLiad, for any reason. If you forget your password, please use the 'Forgot Password' link available on the main login page, or contact us by phone or e-mail to reset it manually. In case you have forgotten your username, or if your account has become blocked or has been disavowed, contact ILL staff directly as well, so we may help to resolve the situation.

Hope these additional quick reminders will help you out with making better use of ILLiad and your interlibrary loan services.

ILL staff contact information--
Phone: (216)368-3517 or (216)368-3463, M-F, 9:00AM-4:30PM