Quick List of ILL Pointers

In contrast to my usual style, I'm just putting down a simple checklist of suggestions for more expeditious use of ILLiad services...

1. Check for local holdings of materials in our own catalog (including electronic resources) first, before you decide to submit requests in ILLiad. Remember also to use OhioLINK and SearchOhio first for borrowing books when copies are available there.

2. Request only one item (loan title or copy) per ILL transaction.

3. Provide as complete citations for the materials you need as possible. Clear and precise information will make your ILL requests easier for us to process, thus avoiding unnecessary verification delays.

4. Avoid submitting duplicate requests for the same materials.

5. View your electronically received articles as soon as possible. Keep in mind that they will ordinarily expire 30 days after your initial notification.

6. Keep your browser and your PDF viewer software program (i.e., Adobe Acrobat) current, for improved use of ILLiad and better access to your electronic articles.

7. Pick up requested books at your earliest convenience, but prior to the assigned due date. If you decide that you do not need them, please notify us as soon as possible so we may return them to the lending library.

8. Return books on time or request renewals before the due date. There is a 5-day window prior to this when you may ask for a renewal through your ILLiad account, as long as an item has not been assigned a 'No Renewals' restriction by the lender.

9. Library staff at the KSL main service desk have access to the ILL Web Circulation site, and can check out and check in your ILLiad loans at that service point in real time. They can also submit renewal requests for any eligible loans and search active loan transactions in your account, for your convenience.

10. 'Library-Use-Only' loans may not be taken outside the Kelvin Smith Library building. This restriction is imposed by the lender library (usually for rare, fragile, or valuable materials), and should be considered non-negotiable.

11. If you indicate you won't accept an alternate edition of a book, please don't forget to specify the edition you do want when you submit your loan request.

12. Keep personal information in your ILLiad account current, especially your e-mail address.

13. If you don't remember your password, please try the 'Forgot Password?' feature on our logon page, for faster service.

I have addressed most of these points in greater detail in earlier blog entries here. Feel free to check the index entries and search options for this blog, and have another look at some of my previous commentaries in the archive regarding these and other issues related to Interlibrary Loan services.


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