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Reminders about Electronic Deliveries

Just some important things to keep in mind about receiving electronically delivered articles through your ILLiad account--

* Electronically delivered articles are available for download for up to 30 days after the e-mail notification is sent out to you. Files will be automatically deleted from the online folder of our server after that point, after which they will be no longer accessible.

* We recommend that you download your articles as soon as possible after you receive the notification of availability. We also suggest that you print your files, or save them into a stable, secure storage location (e.g., on a CD-ROM or your computer's hard drive).

* You may choose to delete files immediately after viewing for the first time, but remember that once you have done so you may permanently lose access to these articles. You do have the opportunity to 'undelete' electronic articles, however, as long as you catch them prior to the next scheduled online cleanup session (which takes place around 4:00 AM every morning).

* Some larger files may take longer to download than usual. We recommend that you try waiting a while before you attempt to view the article again simply because an image has not appeared immediately on the page. Repeatedly clicking on 'View' before you see anything simply re-initiates the downloading process, and actually makes the overall operation take even longer.

* The table that appears displaying your currently available electronic deliveries also indicates the file size and expiration date for each transaction. This is intended to assist you with determining the period of availability and in estimating the required download time.

* We ask that you only retain a single copy of each file we provide, and refrain from freely distributing article PDF's. Please try to be mindful of copyright regulations when using any protected materials you have received through interlibrary loan or from any of our library's resources.

* Occasionally, items you have originally requested in forms normally supplied as 'loans' (e.g., reports, some theses and dissertations, short pamphlets or monographs) are instead provided to us as complete reproductions (in either hard-copy or electronic formats) by the lender institutions. In such cases (except when not feasible), we will convert the ILLiad transaction to a 'copy' type and deliver the entire documents electronically. All the statements above (especially regarding file size and downloading speed, as well as copyright issues) apply equally in these circumstances.

* We recommend you always keep your browser and Adobe Acrobat reader software up-to-date.

* If you still experience problems with retrieval of electronic articles, or have further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us by phone at (216) 368-3517 or (216) 368-3463 (M-F, 9:00 AM-4:30 PM), or by e-mail at:

Hope these pointers are helpful in your use of ILLiad electronic article delivery, and answer some general questions you may have regarding this service.