ILLiad Login vs. Single Sign-On

Just a reminder that your ILLiad Login is not the same as your CWRU Single Sign-On. When you set up a user account in Kelvin Smith Library's ILLiad system (or that of your respective service point library system), you create your own UserName and Password at that time. If you so choose, these can be the same as the CWRU Network ID Initials (e.g., 'abc12'), and the password you normally use when logging in with it. For the sake of uniformity, we recommend that you do use your Network ID also as your ILLiad UserName (unless another registrant has somehow already claimed the same character string for that purpose). However, for security reasons we suggest you use a different password, as you would with any other various site with which you have registered.

The university UTech staff have provided a Password Help page (also linked to the Single Sign-on page), which offers suggestions on properly creating a secure password string. We recommend you refer to it for creating your ILLiad password as well. You are certainly free to use the same password in both the CWRU network and ILLiad, if you so choose, but in that case, remember to change your password regularly. Keep in mind, then, that whenever you change your network password it does not automatically change your ILLiad password simultaneously. You will need to log into your ILLiad account separately and select the 'Change Password' option under the 'Tools' section of your 'Main Menu' to do this.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your ILLiad login or password, please contact us by phone at (216) 368-3517 or (216) 368-3463, or e-mail us at


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