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Loan Notifications from ILLiad: Overdues, Renewals, Recalls, etc.

Here is a quick overview of the sort of e-mail notifications you can expect to receive regarding your loans requested through ILLiad...

* Initial Pick-up - When a book or other loaned item arrives, you will receive this notice, which will indicate what the materials is, the due date, and any restrictions imposed by the lender institution library. We recommend you pick up and sign out the loan from the KSL service desk staff as soon as possible -- preferably within 10 days of the notification date.

* Courtesy Pick-up Reminder - When a loan has not yet been picked up, but is approaching its due date, ILL staff will send this notice beginning at about a week (5 business days) prior to the original due date. If you have lost track of your initial notification, this is the time to either pick up the material or let us know you no longer need it so we can send it back to the lender -- and remember if you do decide to check it out, you may still have an opportunity to request a renewal.

* 1st Overdue ("Due Soon" Notice) - This notice, for items you have signed out, is sent out automatically at a point 5 days prior to the original due date of the loan. This is the best time to request a renewal, provided lender policy allows. If you are finished using materials, this is a good point at which to return them also.

* 2nd Overdue - This is the first actual "Overdue" notice, which goes out automatically the day after the original (or renewed) due date. You should return your loan at this point, since you can no longer request a renewal through your ILLiad account. If you absolutely must have an extension, you will need to contact ILL Staff to have it requested on your behalf -- keep in mind that most lenders will not grant renewals on loans after they have already become overdue.

* 3rd Overdue ("BLOCKED" Account) - Finally, this message is sent out automatically for loans 14 days (2 weeks) past their original (or renewed) due date. At this point, your ILLiad account becomes blocked for certain ILL services, although you are not prevented from logging in. At this time, we advise that you return loaned materials as soon as possible, to avoid replacement billings from the lender library. ILL staff may also choose to manually repeat sending off this notification until the transaction is completed.

* Recall - Lender libraries may choose to recall their loaned items for use at their home locations, and will send our ILL staff notification of this. At this point, we will send along this message to you, and we ask that you return the loan to KSL at your earliest convenience -- of course, renewals are no longer possible under these circumstances.

* Renewal OK - If you have successfully submitted a renewal request through your ILLiad account (or by ILL staff intervention), and the lender has agreed to extend the loan period, you will receive this notification. The new due date will be indicated (either the default 14 days we normally request, or a shorter or longer extension determined by the lender library), and we ask you make note of it. At this point, you will not be able to request additional renewals online, but if absolutely necessary you may contact ILL Staff for this purpose.

* Renewal Denied - If you receive this notice on any checked-out materials after a renewal request has been submitted, the lender library has chosen not to grant the extension to the due date. You must return the loan to KSL as soon as possible, and if you need to borrow another copy we suggest you submit a new loan request through your ILLiad account.

* Unblocked - This notice will be sent if you have had one or more loans checked out in ILLiad that were two weeks or longer overdue (see above), once they have all been returned and cleared. The message will confirm that your account has been "unblocked" and your full ILL privileges are now restored.

As always, hoping this has been helpful information in guiding your use of interlibrary loan services.