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Reminder About Library-Use-Only Loans

Just a reminder that for certain materials, which are either fragile or normally treated as reference material, lender libraries will impose a 'Library Use Only' restriction on their use while on loan to us. We are expected to adhere to their policy conditions, or risk jeopardizing our good borrowing relations with them. Here are some basic guidelines to be observed in these cases...

-> Items are expected to be used only within the Kelvin Smith Library building. When not in use (but still required for future occasions), they should be left at the Service Desk to be replaced onto the hold shelf.

-> A library use slip is provided for for tracking usage of these items, and should be marked according to the times taken out and returned to the Service Desk.

-> Library Use items must be signed out by requestor, without exception, before being taken from the Service Desk -- as with any other materials lent through interlibrary loan.

-> These items must not be taken outside the library building -- under extenuating circumstances, ILL staff may occasionally suspend this if *adequately justified -- ask desk staff to contact us during regular hours.

-> If you are finished using Library Use items, please indicate this clearly to KSL desk staff at the time, so that these materials can be marked for prompt return to the lender library.

-> When overdue notices are sent out for these types of loans, we ask that you please respond if the materials are no longer needed -- also, keep in mind that renewals may be possible (when so indicated by the lender library), if requested early enough.

-> ILL staff may pull Library Use materials from the hold shelf without notice, once they become overdue and regardless of whether you have not responded to an overdue notice; items recalled by the lender will also be likewise returned.

*For example, if the requestor agrees to use materials only within an approved location in one of the university libraries' branch locations, due to the need for special equipment or resources available at that location.

Please remember that Library-Use-Only materials obtained through interlibrary loan service have been provided through the generosity of lender libraries that would otherwise not permit their external circulation. We appreciate your cooperation when using these restricted loans, by handling them with care and returning them as soon as possible after you have finished using them.