Some Comments on Electronic Delivery

About electronic delivery provided through ILLiad...

We receive articles through a variety of methods, but make it our job to streamline the delivery to our users into a single, uniform mechanism.

We may have reproduced documents supplied to us by any of the following:

* By electronic protocols sent directly to our server IP address
* By e-mail as an attachment (PDF, TIF)
* By e-mail with a passworded or un-passworded link
* As a print reproduction, by mail or fax

We further process these as follows:

* Articles sent directly into ILLiad may be processed automatically without staff mediation (if the supplier has a 'trusted' status), and delivered on to the user.
* Articles sent directly to ILLiad may require some staff intervention prior to delivery to the user (if the supplier has not yet been deemed as 'trusted').
* Documents supplied via URL or other online delivery method are downloaded and imported into ILLiad by ILL staff, and then processed for delivery.
* Print reproductions are scanned into usable electronic documents by ILL staff, and then imported into ILLiad for processing and delivery.
* In any of the above circumstances, with the exception of reception from a 'trusted' sender, ILL staff will also have the option to perform additional processing (cropping, rotating pages, deleting unnecessary portions, etc.), if time permits.

In order to provide uniformity of service, our sole delivery method is by PDF download, within a login session to your ILLiad account. You will be notified by e-mail with a link and instructions on accessing your electronic document, when it becomes available. For reasons of security and efficient synchronous processing, we never simply forward e-mail article delivery messages from other supplier institutions directly to our users.

If you experience problems downloading in ILLiad, you may contact ILL staff by phone, by e-mail or in-person, and we will either recover a file (if possible) and send it to you as an attachment, copy it to your USB flash drive or disc, or print it and leave it a the KSL service desk for pick up -- these, of course, will be done as case-by-case exceptions. (Unrecoverable files will need to be re-requested through a new ILL transaction, and will then require more time to be re-supplied.)

Recommendations and comments:

* Larger files may take longer to load -- please allow extra time in such cases.
* Print or save your downloaded files, for permanent retention, to avoid having to re-request them.
* After downloading, you have the option to immediately delete, or simply allow your file to expire. You can also un-delete a file, if you do so shortly after deleting it.
* When you save your files, you may have to re-name them, based on which browser you are using. For example, some may retain the ILLiad transaction number while others may assign the name 'illiad.pdf', or some other generic character string. If you are retrieving and saving a number of files, this will help to avoid one overwriting the next.

Hoping these comments will help with your use and understanding of ILLiad's electronic delivery service. You may contact Kelvin Smith Library ILL staff at (216) 368-3463 or (216) 368-3517, or e-mail us at with your questions or concerns.


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