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New Feature--ILL Staff Can Log into ILLiad as Patron, and an Update on Requesting Renewals

ILL staff now have the capability to log into your account from our own workstations, as one of the recent enhancements to the ILLiad administrator client. This will now enable us to view your main page, ILL transactions (at all stages), electronically delivered articles, and e-mail notifications, from the patron point-of-view. We will also be able to submit and edit requests, place renewal requests, and update personal information whenever you have trouble doing these yourself, or whenever you wish to demonstrate any concerns about ILLiad's functionality.

This will improve our ability to assist you with resolving technical problems and issues with ILLiad, but there are still a few things to keep in mind --

First, we will be accessing your account from the perspective of our own personal workstation platforms and local browser configurations, so we will not experience the same repercussions involving session ID cookie settings which you might. Our view will be from the direct server login site, and will not include the KSL frame with banner and additional side scroll-bar seen when accessing from the library's site menu.

Secondly, we will not be able to log in if you already have an active session open at the same time. We may need to ask you to log out, or terminate your session from the staff-end client with your approval.

Finally, although we can update your personal information, we will not be able to change your password from viewing your account, as this would require us to use your current (confidential and encrypted) password. In lieu of this, we can assign you a new default value (usually 'ill') from the staff-end client, which you can later change to a more secure character string at a future time.

And now a few comments on the topic of requesting renewals through your ILLiad account...

* When you receive a reminder notice that one of your ILL items is coming due in the next few days, you are provided with instructions as to how to request an extension on your loan period.

* Once you have accessed the transaction record, you will normally see the 'Renew Request' link at the top of the page.

* If your loan has been marked with a 'NO RENEWALS' restriction (which should be plainly printed on the cover label and indicated within the transaction information details), this option will NOT appear. This means that the lender institution library has specified in advance that the loan does not allow renewals, as a matter of policy, but it may also occur if you have already submitted a renewal request previously.

* If you have not actually signed out your loaned item yet, the transaction may currently have a status of 'Customer Notified via E-Mail' or some other inapplicable status. You will not have the option to request a renewal under these circumstances, either. If you somehow already have the book in your possession, you will need to contact ILL staff to correct the status to 'Checked Out to Customer'. If you have not actually picked up the item, you will need to come to the Kelvin Smith Library Service Center to do so before you may submit the renewal request.

A more detailed explanation is available in our Customer Help page, at the following link: Renewal Requests

You may contact ILL staff for personal assistance, by phone at (216) 368-3463 or (216) 368-3517, or by e-mail at