Memory Cues for KSL ILL Staff Contacts

What with February being the shortest month (and possibly one of the busiest), I thought I'd make this latest posting short and sweet.

To contact us by e-mail, please address your message to

A good way to remember this is to start with...
"smith" as in Kelvin Smith Library (the main library service point of Case Western Reserve University)...
with no period, followed by...
"ill" for interlibrary loan (the most common acronym for this service in the English-speaking world),
and of course ending with...

The primary phone contact number for ILL services is...
(216) 368-2462...
which also happens to be...
(216) 368-FIND.

The secondary phone contact number for our ILL staff is...
(216) 368-3517,
but I can't think of any other good way to remember this, since it contains a '1' (which has no alphabetic telephone equivalent).

So there you have it.

Well, not exactly -- I couldn't stop there, so here are the e-mail and phone ILL contacts for the other three library systems on campus, just FYI...

Cleveland Health Sciences Library:
(216) 368-6420

MSASS, Harris Library:
(216) 368-2155

School of Law, Green Library:
(216) 368-8510 & (216) 368-8862

Hope this helps, so keep in touch with your respective ILL service point staff representatives, whenever you need us.


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