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Essential ILLiad vs. OhioLINK

Here is a brief rundown of the basic differences between ILLiad and OhioLINK, as they complement the array of Kelvin Smith Library's service offerings...

* ILLiad provides both loans (returnables) and copies (non-returnables).
* OhioLINK supplies loans only, although occasional reproductions of entire non-circulating items have been provided on a case-by-case basis at lenders' discretion.

* ILLiad loan periods and renewal policies vary with individual lending institutions.
* OhioLINK loan periods and renewal policies are uniform within the consortium, with some variation based on material type and user status.

* ILLiad requires individual account set-up by the user. It functions independently of university single sign-on, but relies upon valid authentication with an active circulation system library account.
* OhioLINK requires logging into service through the library online catalog (as with single sign-on), in tandem with an active circulation system library account.

* ILLiad is available at all four of the university's library systems (KSL, Law, MSASS, CHSL), and location choice for registration is based on your affiliation (i.e., college or department) within the university.
* OhioLINK is automatically part of your overall library privileges as a member of the university community.

* ILLiad logon requires good standing in your library circulation account (e.g., fines not in excess of $15), but also no current ILL loans exceeding two weeks past their due dates.
* OhioLINK requires good standing in your library circulation account (e.g., fines not in excess of $15), as with any on-campus library borrowing.

* ILLiad current transactions must be viewed by logging into an ILLiad session.
* OhioLINK current loan transactions are viewed by logging into "My Account" in the in the library's online catalog, together with any local checkouts.

* ILLiad loans are to be picked up at and returned directly to Kelvin Smith Library. This applies likewise for any other supporting campus service point library (Law, MSASS, CHSL) through a which loan request was processed.
* OhioLINK loans may be picked up at any available campus library service point (selected at the time the request is submitted), and may be returned to any of the same locations regardless of original pickup site.

* ILLiad loans are indirect, with Kelvin Smith Library (or another supporting campus service point library) acting as an intermediary borrower. Likewise, renewals are processed and mediated through your library's ILL staff, necessitating some response delay time.
* OhioLINK loans are directly checked out to the borrowing patron, on his or her internal library circulation account. Renewals are requested directly by the patron, with responses usually occurring within real time.

* ILLiad provides patrons with copies via electronic delivery, including journal and newspaper articles, book chapters, and conference proceeding papers.
* OhioLINK does not provide copies, and access to electronic journals and books subscribed to by other consortium member libraries are generally not available to CWRU users.

* ILLiad draws most of its resources from libraries within the United States (including Ohio, of course), but may also obtain materials from Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and other potential lender locations throughout the world.
* OhioLINK draws all of its loans from member libraries within the state of Ohio, as well as from the Center for Research Libraries (in Chicago, Illinois).

And finally...

* ILLiad is NOT the "International Version of OhioLINK", regardless of what the tour guides say! ILLiad and OhioLINK function differently from one another, with virtually no duplication, to supplement the internal collections and resources of Kelvin Smith Library.

-- Links to helpful resources referenced above...

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For more detailed information on the differences between these loan transactions, please also see my previous entry, titled "OhioLINK Loans vs. ILLiad Loans at KSL", from October 23, 2014.