Some Quick Tips for the Coming Year + Some ILL Statistics

Just a short list of recommendations on how to make the best of your interlibrary loan services as the academic year commences...

* Always be sure to avoid requesting materials when they are already available in the collections of Kelvin Smith Library, other CWRU campus library systems or OhioLINK member institutions, or in accessible electronic resources to which we subscribe.

* Submit your ILL requests well in advance of the time you need them for your research. We often can provide materials in very short order, but there are always those items that require additional time and effort to obtain.

* Pick up your loaned items as soon as possible from the KSL Service Center, to make the best use of them. ILL returnable materials always have fixed due dates, so the quicker you check them out, the longer you'll have to use them.

* Return your loans as soon as you can once you have finished using them, or submit a request for renewal just before the due date if the items are eligible for an extension.

* Retrieve your electronically delivered articles as soon as possible. You normally have only up to 30 days past the time of delivery to do this, so if you wait too long they may be gone for good.

* Please pay attention to the e-mail notifications we regularly send out to you. Overdue notices and pick-up reminders are routinely dispatched to our users, and ignoring them may result in loss of access to borrowed items, or worse yet, suspension of your ILL privileges.

Thank you all for keeping these in mind as the 2015-2016 school year begins, so we may better serve your research needs.

And now, for your curiosity and personal edification, we present...

KSL ILLiad Borrowing Statistics for the 2014-2015 Academic Year:

Requests Processed: 2928 (2033 Articles, 895 Loans)
Requests Filled: 2320 (1646 Articles, 674 Loans)
Fill Rate: 79% (Articles: 81%, Loans: 75%)

Average Turnaround Times:

Overall: 10.44 days

Articles: 5.75 days (range: 1.02-9.28 days, outlier: 84.16 days)
Loans: 11.28 days (range: 1.67-61.10 days, outlier: 113.00 days)

Electronic Delivery Process: 4.81 days (1.02-9.28 days)

Top 10 CWRU Departments We Served:


Top 10 Lenders We Borrowed From:

Ohio State University
University of Cincinnati
Kent State University
Ohio University
University of Colorado
Oberlin College
University of Michigan
University of Akron
Northwestern University
Indiana University

Hope this has been both helpful and interesting. If you have any questions or concerns regarding ILL services, please contact us, by phone at (216) 368-3463 or (216) 368-3517, or by e-mail at


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