Theses and Dissertations in OhioLINK

When you need to obtain access to a thesis or dissertation from another academic institution, the most conventional recourse is through traditional interlibrary loan services. Normally, this would be accomplished by submitting a request using the "Thesis" request form in your ILLiad account. This is an accepted method in nearly every case, and I have previously covered this general topic in detail in my entry of October 6, 2009. Although this is rather dated, most of what applies to ILL is still pretty valid (i.e, not including comments regarding the retrieval of titles from CWRU or from its predecessor institutions--WRU, CIT, etc.).

One major exception would be for any theses or dissertations done at any of the OhioLINK Member Universities, which would be available for direct borrowing through OhioLINK. Your first step would be to search the title or author in the OhioLINK Catalog. There you can submit your request directly, by clicking on the "Request it" button. You will then be required to select your institution (i.e. "CWRU") and a campus pick-up location, and then enter your network ID and password. Usually within 3 to 7 days, your thesis should arrive at the indicated location, where you can retrieve it and check it out directly on your CWRU library account. Once checked out, you will also have the opportunity to request renewals by logging into your CWRU Library Account.

Please also be aware that OhioLINK theses and dissertations that exist in digitized format are also available for download from the OhioLINK Electronic Theses and Dissertations Center. Many titles from OhioLINK Member institutions are also available for purchase in various formats (including PDF) from UMI ProQuest, although this is not a free service.

Finally, if all else fails you can try using traditional ILL through your ILLiad account for OhioLINK titles--as a last resort. This would be appropriate in cases where all available copies are marked with a status of "LIB USE ONLY" or "NON-CIRC" and no digitized version exists. It may also require special negotiations between KSL interlibrary loan staff and the granting institution library's ILL department, and take additional time to fill.

So, now that you know more about borrowing OhioLINK institution theses and dissertations, we hope we've helped you to make better use of this particular service and that it will more effectively serve your research needs.

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