MIDS 301 - The First Post

I have now tapped my blog for use in classes, the first of which will be MIDS 301, "Introduction to Management Information Decisionmaking Systems." I have chosen to blog weekly as my project for the semester in order to familiarize myself with computer information technology.
My name is Christian Carson. I am an accounting major in my junior year, taking MIDS of course because it is required. I feel I have a head start ahead of my classmates because I have extensive experience in the field of computer technology, especially programming languages. I have opted not to apply my knowledge to write a website, however, because I dislike teamwork in a situation such as this where the chance that my teammates will be underqualified and unwilling to do work...especially when I do not know anyone in the class who have not already determined that they were grouping amongst themselves, leaving me to group with someone I do not know. Therefore, I will be blogging instead, practicing my reflective ability as well as my typing speed and perhaps increasing the likelihood that I will be writing personal entries in my blog as well, which is something I have made several attempts to do so far but have failed.
This past week we have been discussing the impact of computers on our daily lives. After engaging the class in a brainstorming exercise, we were truly able to see how heavily we rely upon computers. The first exercise was a hypothetical situation where all electronics stopped working. The feedback from the class was extremely negative, with images of doom and gloom. Images of hospitals shutting down causing the deaths of invalids, skyskrapers becoming positively uninhabitable due to shut down climate controls and other infrastructure and amenities coming to a slow screetching halt.
We also did a similar exercise where we thought of how our lives could be in 15 years when computing technology has vastly improved. As could be expected, quite the opposite came out of the class. Imagery of increased efficiency in everyday life and across the board were noted.
These exercises were somewhat enlightening to em as to how much I took computer technology for granted; however, I probably use fewer electronics in my day-to-day life than most other people my age, so some criteria would not apply to me as well as other students would perhaps fit. This however did not stop me from picking up on the main point of the class which was to let us know how much information technology impacts our everyday lives.


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