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Here marks the beginning of a bonanza of class-related blog posts as I begin to author the second such entry in this blog.
Management 250 is a class I have heard mixed feelings about from various aquaintances. Some find it too vague in its goals; others found it a concrete, helpful experience that truly assisted them in their interview and job-search experiences.
I hope I will be able to appreciate the material that this course has to offer despite being further along in this job process than others. I have interviewed for several positions and have obtained two internships (I am working for one such position now.) Being involved with organizations on campus such as Beta Alpha Psi encourages and often demands that resumes be critiqued and polished before attending certain functions.
Hopefully I will be able to benefit from the team-building exercises. I feel I sometimes have trouble working in a team with people, because frankly, my team-mates always seem to be the ones in the class who are least likely to work. Accordingly, I end up shouldering most of the burden in order to assure myself, and by sheer residual effect the other members of the group, a good grade. But alas, perhaps I will be able to learn to better motivate and delegate in teamwork.


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Hi Carson,

I hope you find the class a productive learning experience as well. We won't be talking about recruiting and hiring for the whole semester!

I encourage you to use the tag "MGMT250" (no space!) for your entries -- I found this one by chance.

If you need help with editing your entries, please send me a quick email.

-Prof. Piderit

Great content in your first post for the course. Your comments about shouldering too much work are echoed by many of my own friends and many other students who have taken MGMT 250. Along the line s of your last statement, I encourage you to observe your own behavior in group meetings and to experiment with your responses in different situations. Don't offer to take on too much sometime; or say, "my tendency is to take this piece of the project on, but I think it will be too much, and I will become resentful. what can we do about this?" to your group. You may be surprised that another teammate steps up in your stead, or that the group might have a valuable conversation about process.
Good luck,

ps: as for your grade, you receive .5 of 1 possible points for the first blogging deadline. your post is timely but has spelling and grammatical errors. please see the blogging guidelines for the definition of "appropriate."

Hello again, Chris,
I have posted a blog with some "notes about grades."
If you are interested in getting some additional feedback/suggestions, please visit:
Take care,

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