MGMT250 - The Interview and MGMT250

When trying to battle the bane of my existence that is the behavioral interview, I often find myself using examples directly from Management class. When an interviewer hears about the unique nature of the MGMT250/251 sequence, he or she usually becomes intrigued enough to inquire further about the class, thus distracting attention away to the list of awful, awful questions in front of the interviewer.
The HR simulation is a particular favorite answer to the nonsensical behavioral questions that involve "leadership skills." The idea of a class where four students are grouped together and given an objective with no prior experience is an unprecedented one in the business school setting. While I truly despised the fact that I was not given enough background on the simulation to simply jump right in, I now realize that this kind of practice is quite an accurate simulation of the way the real-world work environment works - many times, you will be assigned to a team with an objective but with no road map to get there. That's the job of the team - to find out how to achieve the goal. Using the resources at our disposal: i.e., the textbook and the "CEO," we were able to discover on our own what we were to do to complete our assignments. Interviewers love that.


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