MGMT250 - Final Post

This marks the end of the semester and my final post in the Management 250 blog.
I must admit, I was quite skeptical of the premise of the course at least a month into the semester; however, I have warmed up to the purpose of it. If I had to say I've only taken away one thing from the class, it would be the bragging rights that come with being involved in a very unique program that comes closer to simulating the workplace than anything I've ever seen before. Interviewers love that.
However, I'd like to say that I did learn more from the class. While my opinions on many issues have not changed about business issues, it is important to know the reasoning behind these "new-age" management techniques, such as compensation issues and performance reviews, in order to make an informed decision at the workplace. For this, I appreciate the content of the course.


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