MGMT250 - Incentive Process

Conventional wisdom states that if one pays the worker more, the worker will be more productive. Conversely, the Management 250 course teaches us that this wisdom is not necessarily true and that there are more angles to the issue. This seems to hold true when different office environments are compared; i.e., the worker in the friendly environment may produce more than the worker in the hostile environment.
On the other hand, there are some industries where the incentive process is only carried out through direct compensation. Take for example law firms. These are very fast-paced, high-stress environments where lawyers are paid well for working long, hard hours. While the attorney may not have very high morale, productivity does not necessarily suffer as a result: they are kept in check through. In other professions such as accounting, this model may not be executable because the worker with less education perhaps has more places to go than the average lawyer who gets a chance to work in a big law firm.


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