MGMT250 - The Performance Review

The performance review is undoubtedly an important part of the employer-employee relationship. But which kind of performance review is the best to use?
In the HR simulation, we were given an incident where we were charged to determine exactly which performance review is the best.
There are two main formats to use: a multiple-choice type questionnaire or more free-form essay format. There are advantages and disadvantages to both formats. While an essay format may seem to be the better format since it allows for the most qualitative input, it may be impossible to compare different employees with such a format. A multiple-choice questionnaire allows for scoring each candidate objectively, but may miss certain qualities of an employee that are not covered by the questions.
In light of the options, we decided to opt for an essay-based format. While the comparison advantages of multiple-choice formats are great, we felt that the scenario did not necessarily call for the comparison between employees; rather, it is more important to evaluate the employee's performance in relation to his or her own goals.


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