MGMT 250 - HR Simulation Debrief

Last week in class, Professor Poonamallee came in to speak with us about the results of the HR simulation. Our company, Penguin Beverage, overall finished at least in the top 50% of all companies in our industry, and received an award for highest safety and quality metrics.
It is interesting to compare the strategies of the first year and the second, as well as their results. We had very restrained spending habits in the first year, leading to poor results. Conversely, we pulled out all the stops and spent the most we possibly could on all possible programs, and our results flourished.
Does this reflect reality? We never can be sure, but it's probably best to err on the side of caution and say that in this simulation, financial restraint was more or less punished while teams who squandered their money were rewarded. This bodes poorly for the course, since good business sense means every bit as much financial restraint as it does paying attention to employee morale.


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I was thinking about the same thing Chris. It seems that the teams that spent all their money with no worry or restraint performed the best. In fact, there was such a high budget that some teams ran out of things to spend money on. I can not possibly believe that this can be applied to real life businesses, as most companies have a very rigid budget.

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