MGMT 250 - Tom Mendola

In MGMT250 we reviewed "The Tom Mendola Case," a scenario where a young worker is not being motivated in a machine shop. He comes from a family of hardship where he must work to support them. However, while in the first few weeks he is eager to learn and works hard, after he learns the job, his productivity drops. Twice he has requested to be transferred to a different task, twice this has been granted, and twice his job productivity has dipped. When the supervisor confronts Tom, he complains about his family's situation and states that he needs the job. What should the company do?
This is a hard predicament to answer; however, in this situation I think it is important for the company to be as objective as possible in evaluating the worker and nothing else. Nowhere in the decision on whether to keep him or fire him should the fact that he needs the job come into play. With that in mind, I think that Tom needs to be taught a lesson that he needs to work harder next time, and perhaps the pain of losing his job will send a clear message.


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