January 06, 2006

Case radio station earns perfect score on surprise FCC inspection

Station received Certificate of Compliance, is exempt from random FCC inspections for three years


WRUW-FM 91.1, the campus radio station of Case Western Reserve University, was recently notified that it passed the Ohio Association of Broadcasters FCC inspection, and that it is 100 percent compliant with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) standards.

After the visit in mid-December, the station is now exempt from random FCC inspections for the next three years.

"Becoming FCC-compliant is not something that happened overnight," WRUW general manager Tim O'Connor stated in a news release. "We obsessively reviewed a 90 point inspection checklist to make sure that we met federal guidelines. However, being compliant is not a one-time deal; it's a process that needs to be maintained each and every day."

WRUW is a non-profit, commercial free, all volunteer staffed radio station. It operates 24 hours a day every day of the year. Although it is a student radio station, numerous community volunteers and alumni are involved. The station's programming encompasses almost all musical genres—jazz, rock, blues, folk, electronica, polka, metal, international, reggae, and more. Each programmer is free to choose the content of their own weekly radio show, allowing the station to play a unique variety of music.

"The list of tasks completed by our hard-working, all-volunteer staff included a complete overhaul of the public file, installing transmitter controls and tower light/power monitor, creating new program logs, and reviewing and documenting two years of completed logs," O'Connor stated about preparations. The staff also implemented an in-house seminar designed to train programmers on what would be expected if someone from the FCC visited the station.

The station was scheduled to receive a Certificate of Compliance by the end of 2005.

For more information: Kimyette Finley 216-368-0521.

Posted by: Heidi Cool, January 6, 2006 03:11 PM | News Topics: Arts & Entertainment

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