July 06, 2006

Case Western Reserve names Cyrus Taylor Interim Dean of Arts and Sciences


Case Western Reserve University announced today that Cyrus Taylor, Ph.D., the Albert A. Michelson Professor of Physics and Chair of the Department of Physics will serve as the Interim Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, effective immediately. Taylor will replace the former Dean, Mark Turner, who resigned the position on July 1. While serving as Interim Dean, Taylor will also continue in his position as the Chair of Physics.

Interim President Gregory L. Eastwood, working with Provost and University Vice President, John Anderson, solicited recommendations from the College of Arts and Sciences Executive Committee, chaired by John Ruhl, Professor of Physics and Astronomy. "I was pleased to receive from the Executive Committee the recommendation that we consider Dr. Taylor for this important role. He has consistently shown his great value to the university as a scholar, a researcher and an administrator," Anderson said.

"My tenure as a faculty member at the college provides me with a good sense of our history and a working knowledge of the important issues that face not only Arts and Sciences, but the university as a whole," Taylor said. "I look forward to working collegially with the college's faculty and with the university's senior administrators."

Taylor's university service as an administrator began soon after he arrived on campus in 1988. He served as chair of the Undergraduate Admissions Committee from 1989 to1995. He has been a member of the Faculty Senate, and served as Chair of the Senate's Budget Committee. He was a member of the SAGES Implementation Task Force. Taylor chaired the search committee that nominated Mark Turner for the college's deanship. "I very much appreciate the work that Mark Turner has done and the way he has positioned the college. I look forward to building on that reputation" said Taylor.

As a physicist and researcher, Taylor is the author of more than sixty scientific papers with scholarship in the areas of theoretical and experimental high energy physics. He is a leader in creating new programs aimed at empowering scientists as entrepreneurs and serves as the Director of the Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Program (STEP). Thanks to his innovative work in scientific entrepreneurship, Taylor was named a Fellow of the American Physical Society. He was awarded the prestigious 2003 Price Institute Innovative Entrepreneurship Educators Award for "pioneering the innovative Physics Entrepreneurship Program."

Taylor wants to meet with faculty, alumni, friends and other members of the university community during his service as interim dean. He is most keen, though, on greeting new students. "The college has a wonderful incoming class this year, I am looking forward to meeting all of our students," said Taylor.

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