August 28, 2006

Director of government relations participated in prestigious summer program for women in higher education

Adrienne Dziak was one of only 72 selected for program

Adrienne Dziak, director of government relations at Case Western Reserve University, spent part of the summer gathering additional skills and information about improving the status of women in higher education.

The Summer Institute for Women in Higher Education Administration, sponsored by Bryn Mawr College and the Higher Education Resource Services (HERS), was established 31 years ago in response to women working in a field where they have been traditionally underrepresented.

Dziak was one of only 72 women selected for the program, which included participants from 29 states, Canada, Singapore and South Africa.

Dziak has been the director of government relations at Case since 1998. The office serves as the university's point of contact for interaction with state and federal public officials; tracks, monitors, and responds to state and federal legislation and policy that influence the university's ability to conduct its work; and, coordinates university advocacy efforts focused on state and federal relations. In addition, the office maintains state and federal lobbying records and filing required lobbying activity reports to state and federal government; serves as the point of contact for voter registration on campus; and is a resource to the campus for protocol and procedures related to interactions with public officials. The staff frequently works in partnership with other universities or related organizations on a range of legislative, policy, and advocacy issues when appropriate.

Participants were provided with skills and information pertinent to the management and governance of colleges and universities, and with timely information and perspectives on teaching, research and service. Strategic planning; student and faculty development; academic transformation; and political, social and economic trends in higher education were topics of discussion.

The residential program was held on Bryn Mawr's campus June 25 through July 21.

For more information: Kimyette Finley 216-368-0521.

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