September 06, 2006

Case Western Reserve University hosts avian flu conference

Program will focus on how the university is preparing to respond in the event of a pandemic

Case Western Reserve University will host "Preparing for an Avian Flu Pandemic at Case Western Reserve University" from 10-11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, September 6 in Ford Auditorium at the Allen Memorial Medical Library.

The program is designed to bring awareness about avian flu, and how the university is beginning to make preparations in the event a pandemic occurs. Presenters will address how the university will meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff while recognizing how such a situation would affect the City of Cleveland and surrounding areas.

To RSVP for the event, send an e-mail to For additional information, visit the "Flu and Emerging Infections" Web site at

Posted by: Kevin Adams, September 6, 2006 12:08 PM | News Topics: HeadlinesMain, Healthcare, Lectures/Speakers

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