September 07, 2006

Committee appointed for College of Arts and Sciences Dean search

An internal search advisory committee has been formed to help select Case Western Reserve University's next Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS).

The Committee -- primarily comprised of CAS faculty -- has been convened to provide the school with opportunities to be involved in the selection process. The Committee is conducting an internal search at the direction of the President and the Provost. The Search Committee has been directed to recommend to the Provost and President a slate of three individuals for the position.

The Dean will oversee a college that houses educational and research programs in the arts, humanities, social sciences, physical and biological sciences, and mathematics. Students in the College can choose a major or minor from almost 60 undergraduate programs, design their own courses of study, or enroll in integrated bachelor's/master's degree programs. In addition, the College offers graduate programs in several fields.

The College is organized into 22 academic departments and several interdisciplinary programs and centers, including Childhood Studies, International Studies, History and Philosophy of Science, Evolutionary Biology, and Women's Studies. CAS also has affiliations with several University Circle Institutions and has pioneered the SAGES, or Seminar Approach to General Education and Scholarship, program.

The Search Advisory Committee is comprised primarily of CAS faculty members with representation also by students, university administration, alumni, and the Board of Trustees. Committee members were selected by the Provost based in part on recommendations made by the Executive Committee. Members of the Search Committee include:

  • Heath Demaree, Associate Professor, Psychology
College of Arts and Sciences:
  • Mary Barkley, Professor, Chemistry
  • Daniela Calvetti, Professor, Mathematics
  • Ross Duffin, Professor, Music
  • Woody Gaines, Professor, Anthropology
  • Sharon Jordan-Davis, Director, Constituent Relations
  • Kathleen Kash, Professor, Physics
  • Peter McCall, Professor, Geological Sciences
  • Deepak Sarma, Assistant Professor, Religious Studies
  • Catherine Scallen, Associate Professor, Art History and Art
  • William Siebenschuh, Professor and Chair, English
University Administration
  • Christine Ash, Vice President, Planning and Budget
  • Jerold Goldberg, Dean, School of Dental Medicine
  • Dustin Fisher, Undergraduate Student, Physics
  • Liz Olson, Graduate Student, Anthropology
Board of Trustees:
  • Thalia Dorwick, FSM '66, GRS '73

Posted by: Kevin Adams, September 7, 2006 10:33 PM | News Topics: Administration, College of Arts and Sciences, Provost Initiatives

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