September 13, 2006

Case Western Reserve University employees can donate to community organizations during Charity Choice 2006

Annual fund-raising campaign kicks off on September 13 during Case for Community Day


As the campus community volunteers during Case for Community Day, there will be another opportunity to help the Cleveland community: the university's annual Charity Choice campaign.

This initiative seeks to increase recognition of the social, economic and cultural challenges present within our communities, and begins the process of change through increased awareness and compassion.

Charity Choice will be announced during the annual Case for Community Day, September 13. This year, the university community will have the ability to choose from 230 organizations through three umbrella agencies: Community Shares, Earth Share of Ohio and United Way of Greater Cleveland. Payments can be made in three convenient ways: a monthly paycheck deduction; a one-time paycheck deduction; or, employees can issue a one-time check. There is no minimum donation, and gifts can be made online or via a printable pledge form.

In 2005, the Case community contributed approximately $148 million through the Charity Choice campaign.

Below is more information about the three federations:

Community Shares

Community Shares has 40 member organizations working together to meet community needs and support social justice through advocacy, education and empowerment, and is the only northeast Ohio workplace giving federation with an emphasis on social justice and community issues. The 2006 campaign promises to be a monumental event for Community Shares as it celebrates its 20th Anniversary. Examples of organizations that receive assistance through Community Shares include the Domestic Violence Center, which works to prevent domestic violence by improving how society views gender roles; Cleveland Public Theatre, which provides theatre arts education for children in public housing; and Housing Advocates, which provides legal assistance to victims of housing discrimination and to homeowners with housing-related complaints.

Earth Shares of Ohio

Earth Shares is a federation working to raise donations for local, regional and national non profit conservation and environmental organizations. ESO beneficiary organizations strive to protect the future, providing vital services in the areas of environmental education, pollution prevention, recreation and trails, natural resources conservation, and much more. ESO beneficiary organizations have programs and activities that help adults, children and communities deal with caring for the earth, and actively promote programs to discuss how individuals and their communities can bridge environmental health and quality of life with businesses and industry. ESO represents approximately 65 organizations, including the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes, which the university has worked with on the Doan Brook project.

United Way of Greater Cleveland

United Way is a leading convener and funder of partnerships focused on solutions for the community's health and human service priorities, and makes a difference in the lives of 450,000 people throughout Greater Cleveland. An example is Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Greater Cleveland, which Case enjoys an ongoing partnership with through the School of Law. Case students are paired up with children who come to campus several days a week. "It’s the longest running site-based program we have. They've supported us by helping us pay for transportation costs, and they help pay for snacks and activities," said Rebecca Kodysh, director of site based mentoring and research. According to BBBS, it costs about $860 to support one site-based mentoring match. In addition, BBBS also is developing a program with Case's Greek Life organizations. This year's fundraising goal is to reach 75 youths through the law program, and 30 through the Greek Life program. "There's always a need for funding. We'd like to serve even more children," Kodysh said.

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